When You Don’t Feel Good About Your Body

Sometimes we look at the mirror and feel bad about what we see. Those annoying pimples and those belly fats bulging out. That kinky hair or that super skinny body.  So ugly, you may tell yourself.

We stress out at how to get that perfect skin or that perfectly shaped abs. We spend money to buy all the skin care products. We start a diet. We start a work out. We spend time and money ion a salon. We try everything we possibly can.

But what if things doesn’t work out the way we wanted?  What if those pimples won’t go away? What if your diet and routine exercise doesn’t work? If your hair goes back to its original form?

We can’t always get what we want but it is down to us whether we sulk down and be sad about ourselves or we accept, we love and we become happy with what we have.

You have pimples. Who knows how many sleepless nights you had because of work stress? Or maybe because of taking care of your kids?

You have belly fats. Who knows how hard you try not to eat sweets but because you are too stressed at times that you start stress-eating?

You are not losing weight even after weeks and months of exercising. Who knows about how hard you tried but your body just doesn’t cooperate?

You too skinny and you are not gaining weight no matter how much you eat nor how much time you spend in the gym. Who knows how hard you tried?

Your hair is more stubborn than you. Who knows how much have you spent already on it?

It’s fine to have those pimples. It’s fine to have belly fats. It’s fine not to lose  or gain weight as quick as others.

Keep doing what you feel is right for yourself. Be consistent and always remember what your goal is as this will keep you going. And most importantly, feel good about yourself and keep in mind that whatever you do, you do for your own sake and not for others and for what they will say.

Love your body because if you don’t, who else will?

7 responses to “When You Don’t Feel Good About Your Body”

  1. Everything goes south as we grow older.. ^_^


  2. Nobody is perfect, so you don’t have to be. Insecurities will always be there, it really is down to how you handle it.


  3. Albert Soriano Avatar
    Albert Soriano

    Got one reason to procrastinate my #exercisegoals 🙂

    I love it, encouraging. Who cares what others will think? Notwithstanding, I knew I need to read this kind of post to vindicate myself.


    1. Hahahahha para makapag cheat at makakain ng madami 😜😜😜🎶


      1. Albert Soriano Avatar
        Albert Soriano

        Oo hehe, cheat day….everyday..


  4. “Your hair is more stubborn than you”>>>My hair shouts “Guilty!” hahaha!


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