Winning, Losing & Trying

Our company Football League started a week ago and today is the last day of screening. Whoever wins today will go through the semis. I apologize in advance if I won’t be able to  write the way sports writer do, but anyway, the whole point here is not about the sport itself.

I don’t know anything about Football. For me, it’s a big waste of energy running around and getting the final score of 1-0 after an hour of running and kicking and shouting . Sometimes, 0-0. All I know is one have to goal to score and that any illegal activities inside the court will lead to foul and penalty. But the rest of the rules are alien to me.

Anyway, even though I am not knowledgeable of the game in its entirety, I can understand if the game is good or not. I know which team will make it through the finals without any effort and i know which team is struggling.

The champion of last year’s league is still, incredibly good and all the players are in good shape and the team is strong. For me, there’s no question about it. The team is hard to beat. And the chances are big that they’ll take the trophy again this year.

While watching today’s match, I was thinking how would I feel if I am one of the players of the weaker teams. I know that we won’t stand a chance. Why do we even have to try?

I remember what one of my previous bosses told me. I will never play a game if I know I will lose.  I took note of that and until now, I apply. Not only in games, but also at work and other things in life.

How about these football players of the weaker teams. Do they think the same? To not play if they know they will lose anyway? Or they stay positive and think they can get lucky and win the game?

At work, I usually think of how I can win my battles because I don’t know how good I am with this fight. To be shy and to work in sales is already a losing battle and sometimes trying does not make me win. Trying even harder puts me into trouble sometimes. Sometimes I just rely on luck, and hard work, really.

We can always learn by trying. Learn some more by trying again and again and again. But after all the trying, do we get a chance to win in the end?

In life, how many times do we have to lose while others just keep on winning?

I’d love to hear from you!

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