Island Guys – Doctor Quail

It was a slow and easy Sunday and my mind was wandering while I was in the morning briefing.

It was the ‘around the table’ time and it was our time to bring our news or any info to the table. My turn came and I didn’t have anything important to say. I then listened to what my other colleagues had to say.

Our Front Office Manager informed us that one of the VIP guests, an old gentleman, a Doctor (as he was called Doctor instead of Mister), complained about the bird that chirps during the wee hours of the morning. The guest said that this bird disturbs his sleep and somehow, he didn’t say directly but we felt that he wanted us to get rid of the bird. He even spoke to  other guests and asked if they also get disturbed by this loud bird and somehow he found some light sleepers as well who must have heard the bird too and he complained on their behalf.

After the meeting, I asked another colleague as to which bird makes this noise. He said it is a quail. This is their mating season and they need to make that sound to find a mate. ‘But see,’ my colleague said. ‘This is nature, and humans, when they get disturbed, they want to get rid of everything.’

‘Humans’, he said again with a shrug and walked away.


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