Automatic Shutdown

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since I have last posted. Been so busy lately and hope everyone’s doing well! (Chos! This opening is not so me LOL).

Work had taken up my life for the last few weeks, and I went back to drinking coffee to keep me awake. Sometimes even though I am fully awake, I just need a little kick to get started.

So I’m gonna share my experience last week about a birthday party that I attended. Wow! What’s so special about attending a birthday party?

I attended this birthday party of a client, which to be honest, is more of a ‘work’ for me. I had to be there. I had to show my face. My company face. I hate attending parties or any gatherings with so many unknown people.

Well, this party was held in the client’s office and actually, I know most of the attendees. I might have spoken to them on the phone or met them once or twice.

It was a very noisy night for me.Β  A magic microphone was on and someone was singing all the time. Singing. Laughing. Chitchatting. All at once. I wanted to hide behind the desk. I wanted to disappear. I felt an auto shutdown. I didn’t want to talk. I just wanted to leave the room. But to not be branded as ‘walang pakisama’ I had to stay. It was a very long and torturous 2 hours. I tried to keep eating so I won’t be obliged to speak.

To be with 20 people in one small room was like a shock for me. I am so used to hanging out with just 4 to 5 people and 20 is too much for me.

After that night I only want to be isolated.Β  You might think I am weird or funny or maybe staying in an island for so long had turned me into a hermit.

I don’t know.

7 responses to “Automatic Shutdown”

  1. reading your stories feel like i am reading mine. it is like you’re writing my own story. keep writing! know that someone out there is actually smiling after reading yours. take care!


    1. Salamat 😊😊😊 TC din


  2. Pareho tayo, Aysa. Hindi rin talaga ako panatag sa pakikipag-socialize, lalo na in the guise of “pakikisama.” So ‘wag mong isipin na weird ka, o na huhusgahan ka ng mga tao bilang weird. Or kung may manghusga nga sa ‘yo, isumbong mo sa amin. Awayin natin, let’s all unite, separately, in our own homes. Charot. πŸ™‚


    1. Hahahahahaha. Ang pinakanaka shock sa akin ay 16 out of 20 ay Pinoy. Ewan ko kung ako lang pero naguguluhan talaga ako pag madaming Pinoy 🀣🀣🀣

      Natawa ako sa awayin natin wahaha

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  3. It’s not weird, ate!!!!! That’s the introvert side kickin’ πŸ˜… did you have any panic/anxiety attack, though? with sweaty palms? heavy breathing? that’s what happens to me whenever I’m about to go out (yes, just going out. not even socializing *sigh)


    1. Wala namang panic attack 🀣🀣🀣 never naman akong nahirapan noon sa mga social events. Hindi ko alam kung ano nangyari sa akin 🀣🀣🀣🀣 Hindi naman ako ninenerbyos pag may pupuntahang events pero ewan ko kung ano nangyari at gulong gulo ang mundo ko nung gabing yun. Waha.

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      1. Minsan siguro kasi pag nasanay na konti lang talaga kasama lagi may shock pag madami na ahahaha im glad walang panic attack!!!


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