A Sprinkle of Happiness

A Sprinkle of Happiness

Today was a busy day. It happened to be a windy/rainy day too. I also didn’t have enough sleep last night and the fact that I cannot drink coffee anymore could have made things worse. But it didn’t.

It was a gloomy morning and for some reasons, I was happily drinking hot chocolate in the office while smiling. I felt like sun rays were coming out of my body. Oh,  if only my aura could be seen. I was like a sun inside a box.

The sea was also rough today, what else can I say? It is just like domino. One after another, isn’t it?

So I won’t be able to swim, let alone dive.

All these things didn’t matter because I was so happy yesterday.

I asked forced invited a colleague to free dive. We have a ship wreck lying 17 meters in front of our house reef that is famous for diving. We wanted to see it but we don’t want to put tanks. So we tried to free dive.

The weather yesterday was pretty bad, the current was strong and the visibility was even worse. The water, ice cold. My colleague pointed out where the wreck lies. But I couldn’t see even the shadow of it due to the visibility.

He dived. I followed. After several tries, I was able to see the wreck. I was still far from it but I was so happy to see it. Like really happy.

I asked my colleague the depth that we reached. His was 8 meters, mine 7. Not bad, not bad at all.

My goal as well as my colleague’s was to at least touch the wreck by free diving.

So I have 10 more meters to go, he has 9.

The sea was rough today and the weather, pretty bad. I wasn’t able to dive again but I look forward to tomorrow and the next. I look forward to 1 meter tomorrow and another the next day until I reach our goal. Until I touch the ship wreck with my hands.


And this was my happy pill. I wasn’t able to sleep last night due to the excitement.

23 responses to “A Sprinkle of Happiness”

  1. Wow ate, mabuti ka pa marunong lumangoy at mag-dive. Bagay na di ko kayang gawin. Haha. I never had the chance to learn how to swim in my whole life 😂😂😂😂😂


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