Today is my 5th day without any caffeine intake.

Five days ago, my friend and I wanted to practice free diving hence I did not drink coffee. Coffee is not allowed when free diving.

That morning I was walking like a zombie. Yawning every few minutes. No energy. My eyes, teary. Dizzy. By afternoon, I already felt the impending headache.

I wasn’t able to practice properly because I wasn’t feeling good.

By evening, I had two take two pills for headache.

I decided then not to drink coffee anymore because it is very difficult to part ways with it when I need to.

The second day was  the same. I cannot work properly and I only want to sleep. I was dying to have my lunch break so I can take a nap.

I just wanted to sleep the whole time. So I slept after lunch. I slept while at the staff ferry too. Everyone was making fun of me asking why I was so tired. They asked if I snorkeled the whole day for me to be that tired. I wanted to explain myself but that wouldn’t help and nobody will understand what I was going through anyway.

Nobody will really understand.

Whenever I feel sleepy, I always want to go to the canteen and click that button on the coffee machine.

But I try not to give in to what my brain tells me: JUST ONE BLOODY CUP AND YOU WILL BE FINE!

I think my reliance to coffee is already bad because I am at a point where I feel I can’t work or think without drinking coffee first.

I try to replace it with hot chocolate instead but I don’t get the kick that I need to be fully operational.

Change is really difficult but I just need to do this as I can’t keep on relying to caffeine. It’s all in the mind, maybe. Or it’s all in the caffeine.

Friends, please don’t send me instagrammable coffee photos.

41 responses to “Decaffeinated”

  1. Kaya di ako nagkakape eh. Ang hirap na nya bitawan pag gusto mo nang kumawala. 😄 Kaya ka nagkakaganyan kase na adik ka na talaga sa kape. Nasa in denial stage ka pa lang siguro at adjustment period (signs din ng mga taong adik talaga, LOL).

    BTW, bakit bawal ang kape kapag mag free diving?

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      • Ah, ganun pala yun. Oo nga, yung yoga kase nakakapag pa-relax daw. If that’s the case, mas maganda din pala kung nagka-cardio ka for your training, kase pag nasa resting period na ang katawan mo at nakarecover na sa training mas mabagal ang heartbeat eh.


          • Oo, cardio din naman sya. Pero mas effective yata na cardio ang bike, followed by running, and then 3rd ang swimming (I’m talking about the tri-sport).

            Try mo din mag run or mag bike for your cross training. Dati nung active pa ako sa running pumapalo lang ako ng 48 BPM (sa umaga, a day after my training). Try mo i-measure yung sayo, yung pag gising mo sa umaga at bago bumangon, yun yung slowest BPM na pwede nating masukat.


          • Hahaha.. Hindi ko naman sinabing mag triathlon ka. Kako pwede mo i-dagdag at gawing pang training ang either bike or running para mas bumagal pa heartbeat mo. Pero kung walang pwesto for jogging dyan, madami sa Youtube na cardio exercises kahit nasa bahay or room ka lang. Pwede mo idagdag yun aside pa sa swimming mo.


  2. Totally relatable. HAHA pag ako walang kape sa isang buong araw, ang ulo ko para ng binabayo sa sakit. I limit myself to 2 cups in a day na lang. 😀 Kung ang iba, nagyoyosi after meal ako I need coffee after meal.


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