I went to a medical center to get my blood samples taken two nights ago. The medical center’s location was quite difficult to reach. The road was so narrow and it is somewhere not touristy, surrounded by motor and wood shops. 

As I was about to hop off the taxi, I asked the driver how the hell am I gonna get a taxi there and he just smiled. He was polite enough though to offer his number and told me to call him if I get a difficulty getting taxi.

My medical was done in less than 10 minutes and as I left the center, I honestly didn’t know where to go. There were just narrow roads that leads to the unknown.

I went back to the medical center and asked which road should I take to reach the main road and she just smiled and thought of how to give the directions. I believe she found it difficult so she instead offered to call a taxi for me. She tried several times but nobody wants to go to the area.

It really seemed impossible. I told her I will just walk and try my luck, and I really meant what I said. She told me to take the road (that looks wider) and told me a name of the shop that I should look for to be able to get to the main road.

I was thinking of calling the taxi driver but I thought, let me try my luck first.

I walked and walked but didn’t find the shop that she mentioned. For some reasons, I followed one guy and I made myself believe that he is trying to go to the main road. He was wearing office attire so I assumed, he must be going home from work. Very risky right? I don’t know what came to my mind but I just kept following him. At one point I got scared when he entered a narrower street. It was a bit dark. And a guy was walking behind me. Dark, narrow roads really terrify me. It gives me a feeling of suffocation and also of danger and streets in Male’ could be as narrow as they can be.

I looked back to check if the guy was still following me but he was gone. The guy I was following was checking on me as well. He might be thinking that I could be a pickpocket or maybe a stalker.

So I followed the guy as he turned left and right and left again and finally after a few minutes more of walking, we finally reached the main road. I felt relieved.

You can call me dumb because hello, why not use google map? I also don’t know. I am just so used to going to places that is convenient for me. I just want the taxi to bring me to places rather than me exploring it. The same as I’d rather go to the same place I have visited before than going somewhere new and eat the same dishes that I like rather than trying new ones. I don’t know but I always seek familiarity than adventure.

Whenever I have to visit a new place, I’d always check how to get in and out of there but yesterday I slacked my ass off and left everything to luck and taxi drivers.

There’s no moral lesson in this story except, use google map if you need to.

8 responses to “Lost”

  1. I probably will do that by foot rather than on a cab. That’s just me saving on cab fare. Hahahahaha


    1. Hahahaha to be honest I also like walking as long as I know the area

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      1. I think you can explore more on foot.. lol.

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  2. I enjoy reading your experience. I thought it was a horror story or something while you were walking along the street.


    1. Waha kala mo ba may mga kahindik hindik nang kaganapan 😀


  3. Well, you sure gave your feet some workout. I used to be like this when I was in high school. Exploring places of my city on foot about which I only heard. But I did so only during the daytime 🙂


  4. If that’s me, I would’ve just called the taxi that you rode before. HAHA I’m too much of a coward to explore places I don’t really know.


    1. Waha minsan engot ako eh. Di ko tinawagan yung driver haha


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