Last Flight Out

*To the island that I used to love

The last time I left you, I wasn’t able to hold back my tears as I took what I thought was my last seaplane journey out.

I was sad. Really sad. You’ve been my home for two years. And the memories I have collected can be compared to a pot of gold, hidden on the far side of the rainbow.  I loved you. I loved your beauty and all your flaws. I didn’t want to leave you but your changes forced me to.

You sent me to a new island where I was welcomed as a new family member. Where I am alone most of the times but never felt unloved.

Yesterday I was forced to come back to you. I really didn’t want to but I am just a prisoner of this corporate world, chained to say yes even against my will.

You are as beautiful as ever. I almost felt home again when I saw the smiles of all the familiar faces. Excited to see me once again hugging me like a  long lost prodigal daughter, coming back home.

I just came back for one day and your mighty dictator didn’t really leave me alone. There has to be something always for us to clash upon, a way for the universe to tell me that I really couldn’t stay, that you are not home for me anymore.

Today I leave with a much lighter feeling than last time. A relief that I am going to be free again from the dictator. A feeling of happiness from all the smiles I have seen yet a heavy feeling for those I have left who wanted freedom as well.

And as the seaplane took off, I look at you from up above with a heart that says I will miss you and hope you will do well.

I hope to see you again when the good time comes. I hope, it comes.


**Nababaliw na ako. Pati isla kinakausap ko na.

Author: aysabaw

Aysa is a stubborn island girl, drinking more than 3 cups of coffee a day, swimming with the reef sharks, turtles and parrot fishes almost everyday. If she is not reading her books, writing something comical, leaving rubbish comments on your posts or strumming her guitar, then she's up to some mischief.

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