Last Flight Out

*To the island that I used to love

The last time I left you, I wasn’t able to hold back my tears as I took what I thought was my last seaplane journey out.

I was sad. Really sad. You’ve been my home for two years. And the memories I have collected can be compared to a pot of gold, hidden on the far side of the rainbow.  I loved you. I loved your beauty and all your flaws. I didn’t want to leave you but your changes forced me to.

You sent me to a new island where I was welcomed as a new family member. Where I am alone most of the times but never felt unloved.

Yesterday I was forced to come back to you. I really didn’t want to but I am just a prisoner of this corporate world, chained to say yes even against my will.

You are as beautiful as ever. I almost felt home again when I saw the smiles of all the familiar faces. Excited to see me once again hugging me like a  long lost prodigal daughter, coming back home.

I just came back for one day and your mighty dictator didn’t really leave me alone. There has to be something always for us to clash upon, a way for the universe to tell me that I really couldn’t stay, that you are not home for me anymore.

Today I leave with a much lighter feeling than last time. A relief that I am going to be free again from the dictator. A feeling of happiness from all the smiles I have seen yet a heavy feeling for those I have left who wanted freedom as well.

And as the seaplane took off, I look at you from up above with a heart that says I will miss you and hope you will do well.

I hope to see you again when the good time comes. I hope, it comes.


**Nababaliw na ako. Pati isla kinakausap ko na.

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