Another year has passed and my blog is turning six in a few days. It’s amazing how time flies.

Last year I did a little giveaway for my 5th year anniversary but this time I won’t. This year would be more like a reflection.

I started this blog not knowing what and how to write. I looked back, browsed through my old postsΒ  and noticed each one differs from the other and sometimes I ask myself if it was really me who wrote those posts. Some seemed too good, I can’t believe I wrote them. Some felt like they were written by someone else.

This blog is ‘seasonal’ too. My post varied from poetic to comical, from essays to short stories, from melodrama to hardcore telenovela from photography to some form of artistry.Β  Sometimes I can’t believe I’ve written and posted all these. It’s crazy, really and I sometimes feel like my blog is a big bowl of salad. The ingredients were mixed and tossed all over.

Sometimes I ask myself why do I still write, why do I even have to pay for this domain? Why do I have to spend only to write my rants and my daily life? I ask myself what is the reason for keeping this blog alive. I don’t earn from it, I only spend. My posts aren’t rocket science. They aren’t those thought provoking ones that will leave you dazed, they aren’t that damn good for people not to press the reblog or repost button. At some point I felt lost. I questioned this blog’s existence.

And then came the reasons of why I should continue writing.

The people I met here and the friends I gained. The few people who read my posts in silence and doesn’t utter a word (or comment for this matter). The feelings and emotions I can’t hide and the thoughts I can’t keep inside my head but I also can’t tell verbally. The stories I’d like to share. The lessons I’ve learned. The feelings I felt. The places I have been. The beauty I have seen. The sweetness I have tasted. The bitterness of what’s left unsaid. The happiness I cannot contain. The songs I cannot sing. The melody I cannot write. The questions I cannot answers. The words I cannot tell. All these and more. And now, I don’t think I have any reason not to write. Nothing at all.

That’s all. Happy 6th anniversary!

35 responses to “6th”

  1. Happy 6th sa blog mo po ate Aysa!! I’ve always liked the variety of topics on your blog. Ang daming pwedeng basahin. Hindi boring. At bet na bet ko recent featured images niyo talaga. Keep on keeping on! Sulat lang po ng sulat!

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  2. Happy anniversary! We all have the reasons not to write lalo na pag walang mino-monetize, but do what you love, it’s what makes us sane πŸ™‚


  3. Happy anniversary.

    Every writer goes through this phase: questioning themselves, β€œAm i a writer?”, β€œwhy do i write?”. But you’ve answered it perfectly well, you cant help but write. The day isnt completer without writing. A writer is a writer because one has to write, no excuses. Just plain old self. 😊

    Keep writing. Looking forward to your posts.


  4. Happy 6th anniversary sa kauna-unahang blogger na finallow ko dito sa WordPress. 😊 Ituloy mo lang ang pagsusulat dahil tuloy lang din ang aming pagbabasa. ☺


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