A Taste of Sweetness

It is 7:27 pm and I sit here in a tiny office eating Snickers Mini, thinking of how my month went as it just passed by in a blink of an eye.

I talked about a fresh start on my last post and as you all know, change is never easy. A bit of adjustments here and there. 

I spend most of my time in this tiny office, some 30 minutes a day in the water for my daily swim and of course the most important 8 hours (or less) of my life  on the bed, under the blanket.

It is quieter for me in this island so my move here made my life less stressful, away from the dictatorial regime I was exiled from. My work life has been a lot better since I moved here although lately, the tasks coming in are getting more and more each day. I am having late nights almost everyday in the office as the tasks are coming in like inserting piles and piles of laundry into a washing machine until it breaks down. I don’t even have time to pluck my unevenly growing eyebrows that even Brooke Shields’ eyebrows in The Blue Lagoon are way better than mine.

Sometimes I feel like I’m just living to work and I’m wondering if this is just how my life would be. And if so, until when?

I can’t complain even though I sound so, for I chose to be here and live this life. I’m just wondering when will I choose to stop living this life and move on to a different phase.

So until then, I would just be here every night, sitting in this tiny office, spending eye damaging  hours in front of this screen and maybe eating Snickers Mini, at least, a taste of sweetness, a bit a break in the midst of exhaustion, like writing this post while 123 unread mails lie on my inbox.

8 responses to “A Taste of Sweetness”

  1. It’s 11:14 pm here. I have so far spent the last two hours since my shift started searching and reading blogs. I’m not in the mood to work either, like I always feel every Monday. I guess I’ll just let the time pass for now. After all, things are not permanent. Mood swings. Feelings change.


    1. Aaah Monday Blues… This too shall pass hihi

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      1. Oo nga..Tuesday na. Hahaha! #laban


  2. Ahh I feel you. I don’t know if it has anything to do with my hormones or just the environment. The weather had been overcast and humid the past few days, mini-sandstorm isn’t helping. The desert had become deserted, as expatriates go on their annual summer vacation.
    I too long for the day I can break the monotony and just enjoy the moment. KitKat is a better sweetener for me than Snickers.
    Right now, I’ll just stare at the monitor, waiting for the time, until a colleague comes to announce “Let’s go home!” LOL!


    1. Ha ha ha…baka signs of aging lol…wala akong choice…snickers lang ang meron 🤣🤣🤣 uwian na ba haha

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      1. nasa bahay na ako. Hehehe! it was a hectic day… 😛 me snickers ka pa?


  3. Halaaaaa… Mukhang parating na ako sa ganyang phase. Umaasa akong may “taste of sweetness” din akong madadampot. Isang bar ng Kirkland lang, sapat na for the whole busy season. Hahahaha.


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