July, A Fresh Start

It’s been a week since July started and my schedule was pretty hectic, well since mid-June and I’ll tell you something. I am in exile.

Say what? Yes, I am in exile.

If you have read some of my previous posts about the changes at work because of the BB (Big Boss or Bullshit Boss), then I tell you, the last week of June has been pretty interesting.

It’s not my nature to intentionally annoy people, but I kinda enjoyed doing it lately, specially to the dictator who ordered my exile. He wasn’t able to handle me (to put this story to my advantage ha ha) and so he tried to get rid of me. Although, unfortunately for him, my direct supervisor (or manager) did not agree to that (the getting rid of me part) so the final verdict was for me to move to another island. I will still have the same tasks,Β  do the same job, I just moved to another desk (or island), and he was very angry to learn that I won’t be terminated like an insect and I kinda liked the idea of annoying him every single day of my remaining life on that island. Well, it’s not just liking the idea, I really enjoyed seeing him grit his teeth and I kinda felt like I was Cherry Gil during the past weeks.

Though to be honest, I was really sad to learn about my move. I have very few close friends on the island who were there for me through good times and bad (and really worse), so I really had a hard time packing.

Knowing that I only have few days in the island made me appreciate all the small things, the canteen food, the people, all the corners of that island that made my 2 years very colourful. It somehow felt that I only had few days to live and I wanted to do as much before I die.

At one point I felt really stupid for waging a head on war with the BB. I wouldn’t be sent on exile if I could have just kept quiet and worked as I was told to but I guess, things happen for a reason. Maybe I was destined to be stubborn so that the universe can have its reason to send me somewhere else, and maybe, start my life anew.

I am now based in a much smaller island and I am still adjusting. I know only a few people and I don’t have friends yet. But then moving here is a great sense of relief. A relief I haven’t had since BB joined the company.

The vibe is different here and hopefully, no BB will invade the island anytime soon.

37 responses to “July, A Fresh Start”

  1. Soooooo anong ginawa mo para ma-exile ka? Siguro super naging bad employee ka πŸ˜› I know you’ll have friends there soon and mas maganda na yan malayo kay BB.


  2. Ang Joray mo ‘te. duguan ba ng ilong yung away nyo?! Dapat sabunutan na lang… i imagine what would that be like?! hmmm…. hehehheh!


  3. Hi Aysa! Already read your blogs about living as an expat in Maldives. I’ll be working anytime soon at a resort named Diamonds Thudufushi and still have these questions in my mind if I will survive there, how was it feel like living in an isolated island? How will I purchase the stuggs I needed? Etc. Can you share some advice? Thanks in Advance


    • Hey Rowell, Diamonds is by seaplane from the airport right? I suggest you bring stocks. Or try to take an off from time to time, go to Male’ and get your stuff. Living in an isolated island is not easy. You have to be mentally prepared. You see the same people everyday for months…


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