The Longest 20-minute Boat Ride

Last night, we headed to Meedhoo, the neighboring island, to attend our colleague’s wedding.

The boat to Meedhoo leaves at 9pm from our island so by 8:50pm, we were already at the jetty. As we walked to the jetty, I already noticed the sea. It was quite rough and the tide was very high.

We thought the trip might be cancelled but then at 9pm, the boat captain started the engine. And so we all boarded.

Not even 2 minutes on the boat, we already felt the anger of the sea and as soon as we exited the channel, it became even worse.

The waves hit us like it was ready to rip the boat off. The water just came in from all sides. The end of my hair was wet of salt water, the same as the back of my dress. The wind was blowing so hard. It was pretty cold.Β  We were like riding a roller coaster in an arcade and nature was in control. I thought the boat wasn’t even straight. As if the right side was lower than the left. And I had a feeling it might turn upon hitting the next wave. Thankfully it didn’t.

I searched for the place where the life jackets are kept. My mind was pretty fast in imagining things. I suddenly had flashbacks of the horror stories of capsized boats,Β  as well the legendary tale of Rose and Jack. Ok, that maybe over the top and there are no ice bergs in the Indian Ocean. But still, I can’t help when my imagination soars.

And the fact that I know how to swim, the whole scenario still scares me, how about my colleagues in the boat who can’t swim?

What scared me is that it happened in the eveningΒ  and everything was pitch dark. My reaction would have been different if it happened in broad daylight. I did experience a rough ride on broad daylight and the waves were almost half the height of the speedboat. It was bumpy but I honestly had fun as it was like a fun arcade ride and I was laughing along with the boat captain and his assistant.

Our destination was just about 2kms away from our island but the journey seemed so long. Anyway we safely arrived and in time for the wedding celebration.

As they say, rough seas make skillful sailors.

I say, rough seas make brave passengers.

We made it to the wedding ha ha

27 responses to “The Longest 20-minute Boat Ride”

  1. Aysa, yung sa lower part ba ng dress mo ay shadow? Or basa yan dahil sa malalaking alon? 😊

    Naku, naiimagine kong ang tagal nga ng 20mins na yun. Seems like forever.. 😡


  2. Aigoo! Takot pa naman ako sa malalalalim na dagat. Yung nde mo makita yung ilalim. Whaaa! Iniimagine ko palang to natetense na ko 😫


    • Hi Hammad

      Ramadan Kareem brother!

      It was still as bad when we headed home but instead of a traditional boat, we rode a speedboat which is better. And we felt a lot safer.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Speedboat sounds awesome πŸ™‚
        And as for Ramadan, moon sighting is still not announced yet, so still waiting for it. But thank you so much for the wish πŸ™‚


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