The Resident Spider

A spider is living on top of my fridge. I noticed its appearance lately.

I don’t know what makes it interesting for that spider to live on top of the fridge as there’s nothing there but a Tupperware, some snacks but still sealed and an unopened bottle of Nutella. So honestly, no good treat for him.

I cleaned the fridge thoroughly the other night. In and out. Top to bottom. I even changed the table underneath it. The spider was nowhere to be found so I thought, it has decided to leave.

I turned the fridge on after cleaning and drying it and then again, the spider appeared, once more, crawling around slowly.

Sometimes when I go back to my room after work, the spider is still where I left it in the morning. So I wonder if it just sleeps the whole time. I also wonder what it eats and why doesn’t it go out of my room for meals or maybe some fresh air.

I also wonder why it doesn’t spin webs, I haven’t seen any so far.

So I feel this spider is not really normal. Maybe a loner. Maybe, different from the rest.

Sometimes I stand in front of the fridge looking at this motionless spider thinking it is keeping me company. It started showing up when my roommate left.

I sometimes look at it when I sing mellow tunes at night. Or when I eat noodles in the room. Or while I write, as if I can get inspiration from this motionless eight legged creature.

I really wonder why it doesn’t leave the room. If it really wants to keep me company, I’m fine as long as it doesn’t bother me and I won’t bother it as well.

Sometimes the best company, is one that can listen to your silence when no one else is patient enough to do so. One that is present, but is distant enough to give you space to breathe.

18 responses to “The Resident Spider”

  1. I have a spider that lurks in the bathroom. It doesn’t scare me anymore. It used to. Nasanay na ako sa kanya. My husband doesn’t want to drive it away so it could take care of the mosquitoes, he says. I think your spider is eating bugs and earning its keep. πŸ™‚


  2. Aahh spider, meron din kami paminsan minsan sa banyo. Nakakagulat lang minsan kasi ang laki huhu. Yung anak ko di kaya magbanyo pag may spider sa pader kaya syempre tatawagin si tatay para paalisin hehe

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