Can Tissue Paper Save the Human Race?

I took my stock of tissue paper from our store room, a plastic with 10 rolls in it. As I was walking my way to my room, I saw two guys walking towards me. I thought, what would happen if I smash this plastic of tissue rolls on their heads? Would it hurt? I imagined a scenario where I’m in trouble and I can use the plastic of tissue rolls as self defense. I guess it could save me, buy me time to run away from the suspect.

Poor guys who were innocently taking a walk. Not that I wanted to hit them nor am I becoming violent. The idea just came into my mind.

So I asked myself, can tissue paper save the human race?

Well, it can’t defend us like swords do, but at least they can do something. At least too, tissue rolls can’t kill people. They can save us but they won’t kill us. Have you ever heard of someone getting killed by means of tissue paper? Death by tissue. Choked by tissue. Suicide by tissue. Murder by tissue. Homicide by tissue. I bet you haven’t.

Tissue papers have saved your faces and asses, literally and figuratively more than you’ll ever think they did, because for sure the idea haven’t crossed your mind.

Tissue papers are there when you need them the most. When you cry alone at night, they keep you company. When you’re sneezing sick, they help you out, or when your life is full of sh*t they are always to the rescue.

Moreover, tissues are environment friendly. They aren’t plastic. They don’t hurt the turtles or the whales and much more, the human race.

See, did anyone ever gave the tissue papers their due credit? I bet none.

You might think I’m losing my sanity by talking about tissues here but no. I didn’t say anything wrong. And really, I haven’t talked to a tissue paper yet.

Somehow, while walking back to my room today, I realized what these tissues do to our lives although I haven’t answered my question yet on whether they can save the human race.

12 responses to “Can Tissue Paper Save the Human Race?”

  1. Hindi mo hinampas ng tissue yung dalawang lalaki? 😁

    Dito sa office building namin tissue ang nagko-cause sa pagkabara ng mga toilet bowl. Hindi kase nagamit ng tabo or bidet ang mga kapitbahay naming tsekwa eh. Sa tissue yata talaga sila komporatble. Sarap din nila hatawin ng tissue minsan. LOL

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    1. Hahaha hindi ko sila hinampas. Baka maguidance counsellor ako hahaha

      Tsekwa pala tala may kasalanan kung bakit magugunaw ang mundo haha

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      1. Hahaha.. Huwag mo namang isisi sa kanila yung pag gunaw. Iniisip ko na lang na pa-kunswelo yung masarap na siopao at siomai nung kilala kong tsekwa. πŸ˜„

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        1. Sila ang may kasalanan mainly kung bakit maraming hayop ang naeextinct haha

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          1. Hahah.. Mga hayup sila! I mean, yung mga animals.. 😁


  2. I feel the same way for so many other things in my life πŸ™‚

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  3. I think you are on hi lol

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    1. Hahaahaahahahhahaah


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