If Being Right Makes Me Wrong

If Being Right Makes Me Wrong

Today, I am flooded with work, as usual. But I am taking the liberty of wasting 10 to 15 minutes of the company time to write this since, the amount time to write this won’t cover the amount of my life spent for work.

I was asked by the new Big Boss to join the daily morning briefings and on the very first day that I attended, I had an argument with him. What I did was tension, to others and entertainment to some.

I didn’t intend to argue, really. I didn’t want to stir trouble, specially with the new Big Boss.Β  But I just couldn’t stand not being able to justify myself specially when I am correct and when I am so sure of what I am talking about.

So the new Big Boss have been telling some staff how ‘different’ I am. Different in a negative way. Probably, I am the first one who argued with him as most of the team just nods when he says something. They probably didn’t want to get into trouble or maybe some of them wants promotion so they just say yes to everything this new BB says. Or maybe they just have to keep their jobs so they’d rather keep silent and just chitchat when the BB isn’t around. Or maybe I’m just immature enough. That likeΒ  a kid, I would just say what I want to without considering the risk I am putting myself in.

Sometimes I feel like small kids have more freedom to say what they want to say. As they can speak up without thinking about losing jobs or being in trouble, and all stuff that adults have to face.


27 responses to “If Being Right Makes Me Wrong”

  1. That’s really hard. I sometimes find myself arguing with someone just because she doesn’t agree with most of my thoughts. I feel like she has some problem with me so at times I’ll just keep my thoughts to myself. Guess it’s not always us, so perhaps if being right makes us wrong, it’s better to just let other people be esp. if it’s only themselves they’re putting into risk. If we’re involve, I guess it will be better to prepared.

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    • Pero hindi ko matiis lalo na kung ang kinakatwiran ko ay fact. Ok lang manahimik kung opinion lang ang pinaguusapan dahil dapat nating irespeto ang opinion ng isa’t isa diba? Pero facts? Procedures? 🀣🀣🀣🀣 nakakalurkey

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  2. Chill Ate Aysa! ikain yan ng ice cream. hahaha! Kung alam kase natin na tama ung sinasabi natin, mahirap mgwalang kibo at d naman tau basta oo na lang ng oo. haller! pinoy kaya tau, kung may katwiran ipaglaban mo. hahaha! d ko alam kung anong meron sa week na ito ng Marso at lahat ng boss at kasamahan sa trabaho ay pasaway.

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  3. Ah yes, the trouble with bosses. But I’m known as that person who will always have that nerve to question other people’s decisions — regardless of their position — if I know that they’re in the wrong or if their decision is one that would benefit little to no one. Kaya lagi akong napa-power trip, di kasi ako marunong sumipsip. Hahaha

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