I Couldn’t Have It All

I Couldn’t Have It All

Yesterday, as I was taking two guests for a resort tour I noticed a splash in the water just a few hundred meters away from us.

I saw something, I told the guests.

They looked at the direction I was looking at and before anyone was able to say anything, another splash. A dolphin. And two. And more. Jumping. Showing off.

The guests were amazed, and so was I, to see these dolphins at a time and place we least expected.

I thought, what a lucky day.

Around six in the afternoon, I went to the beach for my daily swim. It was quite windy. Three of our colleagues were playing with the wind, practicing their kite surfing skills.

And then I saw a rainbow. Did it rain? I asked myself. But regardless, it was a sight to behold. The sky, still at its bluest. White, puffy clouds here and there. A tint of orange from the setting sun. And a rainbow. What else could I ask for?

I thought, what a really lucky day. I saw dolphins. Then rainbow. And soon, I would be able to see the blood moon. I was overwhelmed with nature’s blessings, all in just one day.

At 7:29pm, I went to the beach. Camera ready. But no signs of the moon. Thick clouds covered the sky. I waited. But the clouds didn’t move a bit. I left the beach. A bit disheartened.

I went back to the beach again around 10pm. The moon, shining with all its glory. I wanted to take my camera again but I said, it’s not red anymore, what’s the point? My tone, disheartened.

But I looked at the moon once more, shining, beautiful with all its scars, brightening up the dark, cold, windy night.

I smiled.

I couldn’t have it all. But I couldn’t ask for more.

40 responses to “I Couldn’t Have It All”

  1. I guess that’s the reality of life we can’t have it all, but then again we should be happy for what we have, our happiness depends on our own perspective of what is happiness for us, as always nice one from you Miss Aysa.

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  2. Hindi naman siya nagkulay pula o asul. Hahaha. Or atleast hindi ko kitang nagpula, mas lalo ng camera ko. Lagi ako frustrated kuhanan ng picture yung buwan e kasi di naman siya kita. Anyway, you still get to see the rainbow, the dolphin and the redless blueless radiantly glowing moon–all in one day.


  3. What month is it? What year? Am I still alive? You bet I am! Broooooo. Hahahaha. Yes I’m alive, I knew it. Hahaha. So etto, sumulpot na naman ako parang kabute tapos biglang mawawala. Oh I missed writing. I was looking for the heart icon instead of the thumps-up one and realized this is not facebook. Lol. Yung pagiging senti natin pareho talaga eh, kaso di ko magawang magsulat. Just dropping by to say hi, hellow, I’m alive. Haha, Hugggs. Laugh your months till December, and repeat (of course you can cry sometimes-for your, washes away the dirts from our eyes (wink). Cheers! (longest comment on this thread so far..woohoooo!)

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