Hopes For The New Year

We are now 10 days into 2018 and as I write this post, I am currently high above the grounds, on my way to Male’, half asleep, half typing this while munching on the peanut snacks provided by the cabin crew.

My 2018 started quite well and as of now I am fully charged with positivity that I hope won’t get drained easily by the amount of work waiting for me.

I like New Years and I appreciate it more this time, for some reasons. Adulting, maybe as this time, it’s not about the celebration, the media noche nor the fireworks that made me love this time of the year.

The New Year is like a signal that tells us, it’s time to change. Or iron out our mess. Or let bygones be bygones and start with a clean slate.

It is that part of the year that fills us with hope that the coming year will be better than the last. That we will be fine. And even better.

It is the part of the year that makes us write down our resolutions regardless if we do it or not. And yes, I have one this year and its pretty simple.

When I saw that falling star that One Starry Night, and like a kid I wished, I wished for only two things. Peace and happiness. I am not trying to Mother Earth here but yes, that’s what I wished for.

And this time, my New Year’s Resolution is to work out on how to make my wish come true. That’s to try to be happy and at peace all the time.

I know this is easier said than done. At the moment I can maintain my Peace and Happiness as I am still fuelled by positivity. But I hope this blog post can help me make it through when the lowest of times come.

The New Year makes us rip off that last year’s calendar off our wall. The one marked with circles and exes, with wrinkled and torn pages.

And before we hang our new calendar, consider ripping off our old selves. The one marked with circles and exes, with wrinkled and torn pages. Let’s give ourselves a chance, to start our lives anew.

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