One Starry Night

I was, last night, busy with the conversation over wine or wine over conversation when I saw a falling star.

I abruptly cut the conversation and said in awe, I saw a falling star.

My friend said, make a wish.

I got a bit startled as I didn’t know what to wish for. It was quite absurd that at this age, I still feel excited about shooting stars but absurd as it may be, I still uttered my wish, silently, before we went back to the wine and conversation.

I had a genuine fun last night, one that I haven’t experienced for a long time. We had a fun conversation over wine, or the wine brought about the fun conversation but nevertheless, times like this seldom come, when you are with the right people at the right time, just like the shooting star.

Sometimes, no matter how long you wait, it’ll never show up. Beautiful moments usually catches you off guard  and  the best thing to do is just be in that particular moment before the moment’s gone forever. That particular moment that can’t be caught on cam nor recorded. A moment that can only stay in your memory from now until your memory is gone forever.

I didn’t know what I’ll get from writing this. I also don’t know what you’ll get from reading this. All I know is that I want to write about this one beautiful starry night, with sweet white wine, jolly conversation and a one in a million chance of seeing a falling star.


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54 responses to “One Starry Night”

  1. Buti naman di masyadong mailaw dyan para makita mo ang magandang bulalakaw.

    Naalala ko tuloy yung dumadaan ako sa Robinson’s Cainta na overpass, naririnig ng kasama yung nagbebenta, “sampu, sampu, ‘sang bulalakaw!” No joke ha. Hahaha! Pero yun daw yung naririnig ng kasama ko na tumatawid. Naalala ko lang. Hehe!

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  2. Believe me, I truly understand what you went through and what you have written, trying to explain it to us. Experiencing once in a lifetime joys like these aren’t so frequent these days, so cherishing them up to their fullest is the best we can do.

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  3. So many people write stuff they think makes a bunch of sense and is deep and meaningful, when its actually a base thought. This is so simply writing, it isn’t too long and it’s beautiful. I love it. Reading this was for me a beautiful moment that caught me so off guard. 🙂

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