Concealing The Dark Spots

This morning, I thought of applying concealer to hide the dark circles under my eyes brought about by sleepless nights.

I put on some of the brown liquid on the dark circles and used my fingers to dab the concealer. It did make a difference but I wasn’t very sure if it was for the good or the worse.

I didn’t look normal. Without the dark circles my face looked puffy, and, not very me.

I was having a tough time lately and yes you may ask, again? I always had. And I will always do. It’s part of life I guess.

And while having a tough time, I was told to grow up and stop whining and crying like a child. The statement was like an extra punch when you are already beaten to a pulp. It was like a tidal wave after an earthquake.Β  Sometimes the world doesn’t give us a chance to recover before giving us another blow.

Whining and crying is the ugly side of me.Β  I get mad and cry at small things, my temper is still quite short. I whine a lot.Β These are the dark spots that I want to conceal but when I try to, it just doesn’t feel normal at all.

I can’t conceal my grumpy heart with a bright smile on my face just to be a verified grown up. If growing up means being able to hold the tears or putting up a calm face while dying deep down inside, then I guess I will never grow up.

My dark spots are small parts that makes me whole. Shall I try to conceal them?



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35 responses to “Concealing The Dark Spots”

  1. You don’t need to changed or cover it. That’s who you are. Hindi maganda ang magpanggap girl. Tandaan mo mahal ka ng mga taong totoong nakakakilala sayo. I’m like you, I whine and cry a lot pero walang masama kung ganyan tayo. Idaan mo nalang sa ngiti. ❀


  2. Should you conceal your dark spots? Nope. You don’t have to do that. Just show them who you really are & what you really feel. Don’t give a sh*t of what anybody thinks. Just do what you want. And as the saying goes, the less you give a d@mn, the happier you will be. So yeah, don’t!

    Butset.. Napapa-english tuloy ako sayo Aysa. Kaw kase eh! I mean, sila kase eh! πŸ˜„

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  3. Exactly 20 years ago, my head was full of hair. Now it is not and I do remember that time when I used to look so different.
    And I also recall that time how much different I was from the inside. The gap of 20 years is a lot and I’m not that teenager anymore. But I do recall that era of my life sometime and it reminds me about who I was.

    My point: We may carry old luggage from the past but as we move on ahead, we better discard it up. Life goes on and so do we.

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  4. nagwhawhine din ako at uiiyak LAGI HAHAHAH. Siguro eto yung pinaka verification ng pagiging adult at “grown up” eh haha yung naiiyak ka na talaga lagi hahahah. Kaya natin ‘to te Aysa! ❀

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  5. Ako rin kapag naglalagay ako ng concealer, feeling ko hindi ako kapag tumitingin sa salamin. Parang kasama na talaga sa pagmumukha ko ‘yung eyebags ko. Hahaha. Laban lang te! πŸ’–


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