An Email From A Reader (My reply, actually)

Yesterday as my mind was slowly turning into ashes as work keeps burning out every bit of me, for reasons unknown I opened my personal mail and out of all the 500++ mails on my inbox in which 99% are posts from WP bloggers, there’s this one email that caught my attention.

I opened it and what I read gave me back some life, hence this short post amidst my very busy schedule.

I immediately replied to that email however, I’m not sure if it went through because I received an email bounce back.

So in case my email didn’t make it to her inbox, here is a thank you post for that reader and hope she reads this.


Dear M.E.V.
Thank you for sending me an email.
You don’t know how happy I am to see your email. You just gave me a kick in the b**t to start writing again and will do so as soon as the tidal wave of work subsides.
I hope you can start writing again and that your mojo will come back to you soon.
Take care over there in the desert and keep safe always.
Sending you much love,

25 responses to “An Email From A Reader (My reply, actually)”

  1. Makapag email nga din baka ma-feature ako dito sa wahahhahahaha!!!

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    1. HOY FYI, kasama ka sa email ni reader 🙂 special mention ka. gawa kana din ng blogpost for her. PM kita

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      1. Teka i-dry ko lang luha ko sa mata, na-tats ako sa special mention nya😭

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      1. 😁😂😂😂😂


    2. Dapat si Aysa may featured fans kada week eh, like “Fan Friday” ganyan.. 😁

      Eto yung portion na sasagutin nya yung email at mga questions ng fans nya. Oh diba, celebrity lang ang datingan. Bongga!

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      1. Haha baliw….hello once in a blue moon lang may sumusulat hahaha

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      2. Kung may pa- Fan Friday si Aysa unang una ako mag i-email ahahahahaha! Paunahan na lang hahahah!

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        1. Bwahahahahahahahaha

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          1. Friday na! Fan friday na! Hahahahaha!!!

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          2. Ay oo nga noh, Friday na ngayon. Sige na nga, paunahin na kita. Kween first.. 😉

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          3. Yaaaass! Lamoyan mauuna dapat ang kween! Hahahahaha!

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  2. Actually intresado ako sa kung anong ini-email nya sayo, hindi sa reply mo.(JK) Hahaha usyusera!

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    1. HAHAHAH gusto ko nga sana ipublish kaso baka private person siya haha

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  3. Awww! natulo luha ko ate aysa! kaya pala iisip ako bakit d ka ngrereply sa email ko, ( mali email add : dapat nun pala may bubulaga sa akin may pashout ikaw. kilig much! d po ako private person hahaha!

    Hi Ate Space!

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    1. OMG ikaw pala yan, ha ha ha brace yourself….tinimbrehan ko na si Space hahahaha

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      1. patay tau dian! hahaha!

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        1. Hi Happysheika! Brace yourself! Ayan na!

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  4. Hmmm… M.E.V… desert..

    Middle east… Vegan? hahaha..

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    1. Ang husay sa acronyms haha


  5. […] sa spotify. Sabay sabay yang tatlo: kain, basa, spotify. Nabasa ko yung post ni Aysa na An Email From A Reader.  Ayus pala pag nag email ka sa kanya puede ka ma-feature sa blog nya hahahaha! Eh […]


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