This Little Island Girl

This Little Island Girl

Today we visited the island called Mheedoo in Dhaalu Atoll. We went to a school and got a chance to meet some cute kids. Of course I took photos of them and of the island as well.

As the students left the school after the short event, a few kids were still hanging around the school and one of them caught my attention. They said her name is Mia, not sure if this is the correct spelling.

It was kind of difficult to get her pictures and as soon as she realized I was taking pictures of her, she started running and hiding.

I called her several times too, to ask for a selfie with her but she kept running away. As she can’t speak English yet, her friend, Maida, translated what she said – she was scared of us.

When I got back to the office, I looked at all the pictures I took and while I was planning to write a (photo diary) post of the island, I saw Mia’s pictures and I was like, ditch all the other photos. This post is going to be dedicated for this special girl that I met today.

This was her reaction when she realized I was taking photos of her.
She ran away!!!
She was hiding from meeeee.

Finally! A groupie with the cuties!


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