A Visit to Bandidhoo Island

Yesterday, I had a chance to visit Bandidhoo Island. It was my 2nd time to visit this island but on my first visit, I never got the chance to take pictures earlier so this time, I seized the opportunity.

I have been to some local islands here in the Maldives already and definitely, coconut trees are always present. But Bandidhoo seemed to be blessed in terms of the abundance of the tree of life. The island seemed like a jungle of coconut trees to me.

We visitied Bandidhoo School and they had a small program for the World Food Day. The parents prepared local delicacies and sold them and it looked like a little fair.

Fastfood >> their fastfood still looked so healthy πŸ˜€
Local Dishes

And the kids, they were all so cute.

This girl’s face is priceless πŸ™‚
Beautiful eyes!
I think he figured out I was taking his picture.

I don’t have much stories to share this time as we were in the island for just 2 hours but I hope my photos did the talking for me.


  1. Hello, Im back. Mangungulit na naman ako.
    Nakak drool ung seafood nyo diyan and yung local people, parang mga south Indian lang din ah!

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      1. Ang ganda rin pala ng ganyang set-up noh? I mean yung more emphasis on pictures than words. Because sometimes photos alone has a lot of stories to tell. At minsan iba-iba din ang interpretasyon ng tao sa mga larawan. And that’s good as well kase gumagana at lumalawak yung imahinasyon natin. ☺

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  2. Another nice sneak in the life at Maldives. By the way, my son chose Maldives to make a report on, in his World Geography class. Of course I told him I know somebody who lives there and show him some photos of your blog.

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