Just Another Day

Today I woke up earlier than usual. I heavily rely on my alarm so today was quite a surprise. I woke up 45 minutes earlier than the set time.

I checked my phone and saw two Happy Birthday messages. A message from my husband on facebook and a text message from my father. I replied to husband, Happy Birthday too, since our birthday falls on the same day. I wanted to reply to my father to say thank you, only to remember that I don’t have balance for even a text message. Just great.

I closed my eyes again and felt a sudden pain on my nose like when you want to sneeze but get’s halted or like when your sinusitis kicks in. A few tears rolled down, wetting my pillow. I asked my self if the clouds also feel that way before the rain pours, that’s if they even feel a thing.

I got up and opened the window only to see darkness. It’s been raining for the last few days and I can’t remember when was the last time I have seen the sun.

I did my daily morning routine and thought about the things that the husband and I could have done on this day if only we were together. We could have cooked pancit or pasta or maybe we could have dined out. We could have dined privately or with friends or with family. We could have gone to the arcades and played basketball or we could have gone to a cosy cafe for coffees and dessert. But none of these could happen because we are apart, on our birthdays, for the very first time since we’ve been together and hopefully this will be the last.

I’ve always been away from home during my birthday ever since I started working abroad so I’m kinda used to it. I used to get greetings from my mom via text message and from my siblings through facebook. I never received any message from my father so I was surprised to get one today, but not surprised not to get any message from my mom and siblings.

It’s not that they forgot my birthday as in the family, three of us are celebrating birthdays on October and often times we celebrate it all together. But I recently had a rift with my mother, the first time since my teenage years because see,Β  I’m a very obedient child. But I guess being obedient is not enough.

My sibs, they must be very busy with their lives to get time to send even an abbreviated, rushed greeting.

Birthdays are suppose to be happy days and are usually celebrated but mine today is quite ordinary and glum and even emotional.

And as my morning routine was about to be over, I thought of putting on the reddest lipstick that I have. Because on this ordinary, gloomy day, nothing else could make me feel special than waking up to two birthday greetings and applying the reddest lipstick on.


*featured image by Valencia Pierre on tmblr

73 responses to “Just Another Day”

    Wag nang sad ate, birthday mo pa naman eh… Smile with your red lipstick on because there’s always a reason to smile and be thankful. 😁😘❀

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  2. Sending you good vibes and Happy Birthday! Though I just discovered your blog, it inspires me to post aaaaand actually start reading again. So just know that you inspire other people even when there’s some complicated stuff going on. Something to truly celebrate. Hehe. Tenkyu baw.

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  3. Happy birthday ate!!! πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™

    Hoping that the glum feelings go away na. Di ko po alam pero recently yan yung pinag uusapan namin nung friend ko. “Birthday blues”. Pareho kasi kaming super sadness nung palapit na ang bertdei namin. So weird. Hanggang sa makalampas bertdei ganoin pa din feeling.

    Pero happy birthday pa din po! Good days are just around the corner! *virtual hug*

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  4. I don’t celebrate my birthday too and the last time I did, nagkaaberya pa the next day HAHAHAHAHA


    I wish you the best in life. May all your dreams come true ❀ (lakas maka debut ng mensahe ko ahah)
    Salamat dahil nakilala kita at sina Jolens, Amielle, Jassie, Chammy, Jheff, Te Jai, Alona (lahat sila kaso di nila birthday next time ko na babanggitin)
    salamat kasi nakakagaan kayo ng pakiramdam sa isang emo na kagaya ko πŸ˜€ Kaya salamat dahil pinanganak ka πŸ™‚ ang gulo na pero gets mo naman diba? ahaha

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      • Hindi lang ako mahilig. Nagkakaron ako ng anxiety pag birthday ko. Pero last birthday ko yung masaya ako tapos nagcelebrate ako tapos diba inaway ako kinabukasan nung mga pinalamon ko nung birthday ko? hahahahaha kaya di ko alam kung gusto ko pa magcelebrate ng birthday ko ulit pero sabi ng mama ko blessing daw ito kasi another year of life and new challenges kaya tayo na’t magcelebrate.

        Bakit di pala kayo magkasama ni Hubby???

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        • Teka di ko pala nabasa ang post mo kung bakit hindi mo na friends ang mga dating friends mo dahil busy ako sa pagbabasa ng lovestory niyo ki Kyx…

          hehe andito kasi ako sa Maldives nagwowork habang siya ay nasa Pinas


  5. Happy birthday ate aysaaa. We love you kahit hindi naman ganun kadeep talaga ang pagkakakilanlan naten sa isa’t isa. Hindi ko sasabihin na sana maging masaya ka pero sana hindi ka na masyadong malungkot. God bless palagi!

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  6. Happy birthday sa kauna-unahang follower ko dito sa WordPress! Alam nyo yung feeling na ordinaryong tao ka lang, tapos nagfollowback sayo yung isang sikat na celebrity sa Twitter? Parang ganun ang dating sakin that time mga Bes. Kaya certified #Aysanatics nako since then.. 😁

    Gaya ni Ms. Joy at ni Thea, di rin ako masyado nagce-celebrate ng birthday ko. I would rather stay home na lang with my family. One thing lang na hindi nawawala pag birthday ko ay ang ice cream! Tapos ang flavor Double Dutch or Rocky Road.. 😊

    Marami pa ding dapat ipagpasalamat Aysa kahit malayo ka sa mga mahal mo sa buhay. Just look at the brighter side of things. Muli, in behalf of #TFIOB family, Happy Birthday sayo Aysa! β˜ΊπŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰


  7. Maligayang bati! πŸ˜€
    Nakatutuwang malaman sa mga komento na hindi ako nag-iisa na di nagdiriwang ng kaarawan. Hehe.

    Minsan talaga, kahit espesyal na araw mo o espesyal na okasyon, mayroong maaaring magpalungkot sa iyo. Pero ganun talaga ata ang buhay, masaklap man minsan, kailangan pa rin nating ipagdiwang! Maligayang bati muli at marami pang darating. πŸ™‚

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  8. Happiest Birthday, Ate Aysa! πŸ™‚

    Sending you virtual *hug* all the way from Manila! πŸ™‚ Salamat sa pagiging inspirasyon sa kunwaring blog ko. hehe.



  9. Ang saya na ang sakit nung last statement. 😭😭😭 Pero amazing yung sabay kayong magbirthday ni hubby ha? BELATED SABAW. Huwag kang mag-alala, iinitin ka nalang namin ulit para di kana malungkot 😁😁😁


  10. Belated happy birthday. I’ve been a fairly obedient child myself and it’s hard to get out of that loop. Even harder if you’re the eldest child. But, I’ve learnt, as I was beginning to navigate adulthood, that we’re not the only ones who grow. Our families need to grow with us too. I’m hoping the rift between you and your mother will close soon. She loves you, no matter what.

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    • Hey thanks! Ayaw lang ata mag let go ni Mudra…di nya pa ata tanggap na matanda na ako at kailangan ko na din ng kaunting space dahil may asawa na ako hehe…ayaw pa din akong pansinin ni mader πŸ˜€

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      • In that case, time is your bestfriend. Buwan din ang inabot namin ng nanay ko nung nagkatampuhan kami. Di nya rin ako natiis. Hehe. πŸ™‚


  11. So I binge-read your blog and realized na antagal ko na di nagbabasa sa wp because, life. Belated happy birthday Madam Aysa! It may be so late kasi November na enebey, but well, better late than never noh? Hahaha! You are one of the writers in wp that really inspires me. Am glad to come across you and privileged to be your friend. Labyu! 😊😊


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