The Eagle Invasion

I saw two of my colleagues standing under a coconut tree, both looking up and pointing on to something that seems to be on top of the tree.

Being the usyusera that I am, I walked towards them and asked what they were looking at.

Eagle, one of them said and pointed to the top of the coconut tree.

I looked up and when they noticed I was struggling to find where this eagle was, he said, there! And pointed once again to where the eagle was.

I saw the eagle, and then I said, ah! 

This is my first time to see an eagle in this island. I thought, this eagle might be here for a stopover before it heads to its next destination.

I went ahead but these 2 colleagues of mine kept following the eagle as it flew from one tree top to another.

I headed to the canteen for my lunch and when I’ve finished eating I walked towards my room when I saw two other colleagues looking up.

Are you looking at the eagle? I asked.

Yeah, he said. It’s very dangerous. It will hunt all the small birds.

I suddenly remembered Kai’s missing shoe-nest and the bird-lings. Could it be the eagle who took Kai’s shoe-nest?

Then questions started flooding my mind. Until when will this eagle stay for its stopover? What should we do in case it starts hunting (and probably eating) our cute little parakeets? In case this Eagle decides to stay in the island, what should we do? Have the Parakeets already sensed the danger? And what will these Parakeets do to protect themselves and their bird-lings? If we have to choose between the Eagles and the Parakeets, what should be our choice?

This wildlife happenings in this island is becoming as intense as a mystery-thriller novel.

*excuse the cover photo taken at Bintan, I don’t have any image of the Eagle invader

15 responses to “The Eagle Invasion”

  1. Which side to choose? It’s like choosing between the prey or the predator. Both of them are important and a big part sa ecosystem natin. So mahirap mamili.
    Di kaya yung sapatos ni Kai ang talagang trip nung eagle at hindi yung mga bird-lings? 😁

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  2. Aysa, wag mong problemahin yan. Let the nature’s cycle take its course. Part of the food chain yan. The eagle will die if they will not hunt, at dadami masyado ang mga parakeets kung walang predator. 🙂

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