Get To Know Me Through Awards

I would like to thank Aila for this award(s) and please do check out her lively (and lovely) blog here.

Since I have been nominated for similar awards already and have as well nominated almost all the other bloggers here, I’ll skip the rules and will just take this opportunity to answer Aila’s questions and mention 14 facts about me.

Aila’s 3 Questions:

What is your advice for someone who had a friendship break-up?

Break-ups are painful and more often than not, ugly. However, this is part of life. Some people are here to stay and some aren’t and we have to accept that fact. Sometimes, break-ups are also part of growing up. Growing up can also mean growing apart and we just have to move on, keep the good memories and learn from the bad ones.

Are there any regrets you have? What are those?

I have a lot but I really try not to brood over what I did or didn’t do, what I did wrong or what I should have done. I cannot go back and change what happened. I can only look forward and learn from those mistakes.

What is the most memorable and proudest moment you have in your life?

I have a lot of memorable and proud moments. I have achieved things I never thought I could.

14 Facts About Me
  1. I am 31 years old, married to non-IG-husband for almost 3 years.
  2. Non-IG-husband and I were born on the same year, month and date and we got married on our birth month too.
  3. I hate cheese and milk and I don’t eat beef (unless cooked to the point of not having that distinct beefy/cheesy smell).
  4. I LOVE Aglio Olio.
  5. I landed my first job in Dubai and left the Philippines when I was just turning 21.
  6. I worked in Dubai for 10 years before moving to the Maldives last year.
  7. I am working in the hotel industry. I started my career as a waitress, then I moved to admin and now I am currently in the Sales & Marketing Department.
  8. I am one of those few people in this planet who haven’t watched (nor read) Harry Potter and Game of Thrones.
  9. Though I am not really a wanderlust, there are some places I want to visit:
    • Greece – I want to see Santorini
    • Austria – I want to see that library where Jose Rizal happened to hang around
    • Mongolia – I find this country interesting
  10. I never played Everwing.
  11. I really like pink. But I have denied it for so long.
  12. I tried to learn the German language and so far Ich habe keine ahnung.
  13. I have a guitar but I haven’t played for a while.
  14. I love to swim.

49 responses to “Get To Know Me Through Awards”

  1. Late ako ate Aysa, naghahanap pa ako ng bagong entry mo e. hahahahha.

    Ang galing ng #2, totoong #lovewins!! hahaha!

    See you on August! ❀ ❀ ❀


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