1000 Followers + Anniversary Giveaway

This same day, 5 years ago, my very first post was published. That post wasn’t the best but hey, that’s how aysabaw.com started.

Just in time for my 5th blog anniversary, ย I got notified by wordpress two days ago that I got 1,000 followers. I know, I know. 5 years and only 1,000 followers? It’s nothing compared to how bloggers nowadays amass thousands of followers in no time. My 1,000 followers might mean nothing to anyone else, but hey, 1,000 means a lot to me (even though maybe only less than 10% of them really read my posts ha ha).

So like I said on my previous post, I would like to give a gratitude gift to one lucky follower which is composed of:

  1. Traditional Maldivian Sarong (Black)
  2. A Pouch Made of Cured Dried Leaves
  3. A Sand-filled Turtle Paper Weight

To join this giveaway, you only need to:

  1. Follow my blog (if you still haven’t), whether by wordpress or by email
  2. Answer this question: As of today, Aysabaw.com has over 500 published posts. Out of that 500, which post is your favorite and why?
  • Write your answer on the comment section of this post
  • In case you have more than one favorite, write them on separate comments but having more comments doesn’t guarantee your win
  • The comment can be written in English or Tagalog
  • The winner will be chosen based on the most interesting answer
  • This is open worldwide as long as you have mailing address where I can send the parcel to
  • Mumi Meg of NocturnalMomTalks and KimKim will help me pick the winner
  • The winner will be announced on the 31st of August

Thank you guys, hope you all join and good luck!


The Maldivian sarong is usually worn during festivities, weddings, and cultural performances.

image courtesy ofย http://www.asad.photo/
Me and a colleague wearing red sarong last Christmas
And of course, you can use the Sarong in many other ways… (image taken by non-IG-husband)


Author: aysabaw

Aysa is a stubborn island girl, drinking more than 3 cups of coffee a day, swimming with the reef sharks, turtles and parrot fishes almost everyday. If she is not reading her books, writing something comical, leaving rubbish comments on your posts or strumming her guitar, then she's up to some mischief.

70 thoughts on “1000 Followers + Anniversary Giveaway”

  1. Hi Aysabaw, i think this is my favorite post because it is a milestone and achievement. Getting 1000 followers is an inspiration to me as a new follower to also create a very good content, i know you are doing a very good job as a blogger ,:-)

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  2. I’m back! I-post ko na itong entry ko bago pa mag-start ang laban ng Gilas Pilipinas mamaya. ๐Ÿ˜€

    I already mentioned two (2) blogs of Aysa just recently lang sa blog post ko (Awesome Blogger Award) na nagustuhan ko the first time na natuklasan ko ang blog niya. Nakakatuwa kase basahin. Pero ang entry ko ngayon eh medyo sa ibang side, yun ay ang “Waiting for the bus, waiting for the right time.”

    May epekto sakin ang blog post na yun because of 3 factors: #1 November siya na-published, which is my birth month (and just a few days after my date of birth). #2 Nung binabasa ko yun i felt na I’m in the same situation. And #3, same kami ng illustration na ginagamit ni Aysa. Sa blog post kase na yun ginamit niyang illustration yung pag-aantay ng bus. In my case, ganun din lagi ang ginagamit kong illustration sa buhay ko kapag ang usapan ay “waiting for the right time.” Ay kaibahan lang ay “jeep” ang madalas kong gamiting sample, and not bus. Hehehe. But anyway, the idea is still the same.

    Ang ganda ng pagkakalapat ni Aysa ng ideya niya sa illustration niyang yun. Pero gusto ko ding dugtungan yun eh. Kase parang ang point ni Aysa dun is just be patient to wait. Good things happen nga naman to those who patiently wait. But what if right opportunity na pala yung pinalagpas mo? Minsan kase akala natin madami pang jeep na dadaan, yun pala yung dumaan kanina is last na palang biyahe sa araw na yun. Minsan yung opportunity nandyan na sa harap natin pero hindi pa natin gina-grab. Kaya dapat malaman natin kung worth the wait pa ba yung next na jeep, or dapat na bang sumakay na agad.

    Oh diba, medyo complex yung topic na yan. Kaya affected ako eh. ๐Ÿ˜€ Siguro magsusulat din ako next time about sa usapin na yan. For now, ito na lang muna. Sorry, medyo napahaba. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. Napunta talaga ko as Wp dahil as post no sa IG na freebies Aysa eh hahaha

    Nung una talaga gusto ko magbackread para makapili ng entry na ilalagay ko dito hahaha pero parang niloko ko ung sarili ko kaya ung ilalagay ko na lang ay ung tumatak sakin at tipong pag may nagtanong sakin kung sino si Aysa hindi lang ung tagaMaldives ung isasagot ko. Isa sa pinaka gusto kong blog post mo at yung Memories of the season kung san mo kinwento ung childhood memories mo kung San malakargador ung peg mo sa palengke, para ko kasing nakita ung childhood memories ko nagflasback, saka nakita at naramdaman ko run na tao ka talaga basta un hahaha Hindi ka imaginary or whatsoever,

    Ayun lang hahahaha feeling ko Hindi kapanapanalo ung sinabi ko but what the heck hahaha at least sumali =)

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    1. Ha ha ha gusto ko nga sana isulat sa mechanics na kahit hindi ilagay ang title or what basta kung ano lang yung naalalang post…kasi masyado na madaming mechanics haha nakakahiya mas marami pa sa giveaway LOL…maraming salamat sa pagsali hihihi…mukhang mahihirapan kami sa pamimili ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

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      1. Hahaha may isa pa kong gusto ung fiction na labstori na pag binasa mo pwede ka magsimula Sa taas or Sa baba kaso nakalimutan ko ung title at tinamad si buntis magbackread hahaha nakalimutan kita I congrats!1k astig!

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  4. Huy ang galing mo ate, congrats! 1k+ followers. ๐Ÿ‘ gusto ko sumali sa giveaway kaso pag-isipan ko muna fav post at reason ko. Hahaha! Sana umabot yung entry ko ๐Ÿ˜‚ hehe

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  5. Hi Aysa! Happy 5th year! Ang galing 1000+ followers!
    Last month ko lang na-follow ang aysabaw.com late na pero better late than never hehehe. Gusto ko manalo kaso ginalingan ni Jeff! hahaha!
    Yung sa akin naman yung blog sa things na na-realized mo about travelling. Yung travel nyo ni Non-IG husband sa Bintan, Singapore at Abu Dhabi. Kasi yun yung unang blog mo na nabasa ko at natutuwa ako tuwing nababanggit mo Non-IG husband, kala ko wala syang IG account kaya ganun. Mas malalim pala ang dahilan hahaha. Yun lang masasabi ko hahaha. Next year sana may ganito ulit, gagalingan ko na.. basahin ko muna ang 500 blogs, mag blog marathon ako hahaha. Congrats ulit Aysa! Ang ganda nung paper weight na turtle. Wala lang hahaha may alaga kasi akong pagongโ˜บ๏ธ

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  6. Since following your blog, there have been several articles that became of interest to me. I like your genuine style of writing. It is not only straightforward, but substantial as well.

    I have so many favorites, but when I think about your blog I always go back the post that made me realize how worthy it is that I clicked that Follow button.

    “Things I Did Wrong During The Start of My Career,” brought me to the younger days of my life, to that young version of myself who was full of idealism and ambitions. I thought that my excellence in the academe was strong enough to equip me with the challenges of the real world, but I was wrong. I could really relate to this post because it speaks of the same experiences, failures, idiosyncracies, and mistakes I committed when I was still a young urban professional trying to claim a space in a highly competitive corporate world. I so agree with this post when it emphasized the value of experience. Indeed, no amount of education can match the power of experiences – it’s still the best teacher!

    This post is replete with lessons that are worthy to pass on to younger generation.

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  7. Congrats, Aysa! Achievement na ang 1000+ followers. Ako nga di ko alam kung kelan ako aabot sa figure na yan hahaha. Pero okay lang masaya na ako sa konting loyal follwers ko.

    Palagi akong nahuhuli sa mga post mo, ang haba at andami ng comments! Next time nalang ako sasali sa pa-giveaways mo. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. ha ha ha di ko nga akalain na nakaabot na ako sa 1000 pero marami diyan nang follow lang for follow back ha ha…

      ui sana next time ang giveaway ko, free stay na sa Maldives ha ha, ambisyosa, kelangan ko na makahanap ng koneksyon haha

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      1. Ay pagkaganun ang giveaway mo magkukumahog talaga ako sa pagsali hahaha. Joke lang! Hindi naman kelangan ganyan ka big time. At least ikaw umabot na sa 5 years. ako nahihirapan mag keep up kasi mahirap mag blog while traveling.

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        1. ha ha ha kaya mo ‘yan, yung mga travel bloggers naman na nakasalamuha ko dito, while travelling puro IG stories and images lang, minsan yung blog post weeks later after nila magtravel he he

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  8. Upon commenting on your recent post of how unfair life is, naalala ko na ang pinakagusto kong post mo e yung when you are sharing your life as an ofw here in uae. I binge read your older post that time and commented to a lot of it. I hope hindi ka na-awkwardan sa pagkastalker-mode ko. hahahaha!

    But this post come to mind when I commented on your recent post:

    Nakakarelate kasi ko diyan recently. Sa previous job ko, nababansagan yung mga Pinoy na sinungaling kasi marami akong kasama sa trabaho na umalis at ang sabi e uuwi raw ng Pinas pero mababalitaan nalang namin lumipat lang pala sa kakompetensiya. Saklap. Lahat tuloy kami dun na maayos naman at tapat e nadamay. At nung naghahanap ako ng job, I heard na sobrang confident ng ibang lahi na humingi ng mataas na sweldo at napaisip ako na bakit tayong Pinoy e sobrang mahiyain to ask for our worth? Andami pa rin kasing tumatanggap ng maliit na sweldo basta magkaVisa lang. Nakakalungkot. Oh well.

    Ayan! Di ako makapag comment agad dito kasi andami kong gustong post mo. I admire your way of writing and how you put humor in it na hindi mukhang jologs. Really! So congratulations on 1000+ followers and 5 years of blogging! Pa-fan sign nga! Hahaha

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    1. Hahaha salamat Ji!

      Legit OFW ka na! Nakaranas ka na ng racism hahaha joke lang…pero alam mo kung ano ang totoo, at masakit ito…anyway, sana ay magkalapit tayo para napagusapan natin ang mga bagay-bagay over coffee…

      Pero sobrang salamat sa pag-stalk mo palagi ha ha ha


    2. Jai, people don’t really get what they deserve. People get what they THINK they deserve. Minsan it’s a struggle to see our own worth, partly cultural, partly some other factors. Sana mabago ang ganitong perspective sa mga Pinoy OFWs. I pray!

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