Things We’ve Realized About Traveling

Jet-setter lifestyle is so hyped nowadays. With the rise of so many travel bloggers, it’s impossible not to get jealous with the places that they’ve been. Almost everyone’s dreaming of globetrotting and to be honest, I sometimes get swayed with the way the countries are being marketed by social media influencers, that there were times I just wanted to book a ticket to somewhere.

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page. – St. Agustine

Travelling can be a source of happiness, learning and relaxation and seeing the world with your own eyes is really a great experience.

My first leisure travel experience was a combined trip to Bintan, Indonesia and Singapore with non-Ig-husband and my sister in law. Though I have been traveling back and forth to Dubai, I don’t really count it as I was there for work and not for leisure.

My second leisure travel experience was a trip to Maldives with non-IG-husband and because we both fell in love with the country, we went back several times prior to my move here for my work assignment.

Banyan Tree Resort Bintan, Indonesia
Marina Bay Sands – Singapore
Even before we knew what instagram was, my husband is already a non-instagram-husband
Universal Studios Singapore

Though non-IG-husband and I have only visited just several countries, there were things that we’ve already realized about traveling:

  1. We are LAZY Travelers

Our visit to Singapore was fun but also exhausting at the same time. We realized that we don’t like to visit cities anymore. Though exploring a county’s cultural heritage and tasting their authentic cuisine can sound so wonderful, non-IG-husband and I are not really explorers. I guess Christopher Columbus didn’t pass on his genes to us.

We easily get tired and we don’t want to keep walking around, looking for new stuff and all.

What we want is to go to a place, eat, sleep, swim, lie down on a sunbed and repeat. So whenever we think about a place to visit, it will always be a place where we can see the sun, sea and sand.

Non-IG-husband on his way to find Nemo

2. We visit places for a PURPOSE

Even though we are not big fans of city tours, we also visit places that pique our interest just like our trip to Abu Dhabi just to see the Grand Sheikh Zayed Mosque. We have been wanting to see this magnificent structure so bad that we went from Dubai all the way to Abu Dhabi just to see it. We didn’t do any side trip to any other places in Abu Dhabi. We went there for this sole purpose.

Grand Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Abu Dhabi

3. Visit a place that is worth your TIME & MONEY

Even though you can now travel on a budget, traveling still takes up some sum from your wallet. Sometimes even if you have loads of money for a trip, it is time that you don’t have. So when planning a trip, make sure it is worth your time & money.

Sorry not sorry about this picture

4. Just because I am a HOTELIER

For me, accommodation and service matters. I am not picky but I know what I expect for the price I pay. I easily get irked with bad service especially when I paid a fortune. Forgive my being a hotelier, I just can’t help but be extra critical about the services and products that I receive. I also notice small details because, like I said, I am a hotelier.

Non-IG-husband enjoying his time on the pool

How about you? Do you like traveling? What are your take homes from your travel experiences?

41 responses to “Things We’ve Realized About Traveling”

  1. Tagalang di na nawawala yung word na “non-IG” pag mine-mention si husband ah? πŸ˜€ Pero in fairness, may identity na. Heheh.. By the way, nice shot dun kay Shrek. You look like parang nasa early 20’s lang.. πŸ˜‰

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  2. I’ve only ever been to a handful of countries but only when I was younger — back when I can’t even enjoy the scenery and the culture. Kung sana may pera lang ako… hahaha

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  3. Beautiful photos! And I like your tone in writimg this post – pang Reader’s Digest. πŸ™‚

    What I like most about traveling is that it gives me fresh perspective about life. I get to experience other people’s culture and learn about their stories. Then, I’m reminded of the things that I have to be grateful for. Even a walk through the slums can be a life-changing experience!

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  4. Nababasa ba ni hubby mo tong blog at alam niya ang bansag mo sa kanya? Hahaha I think pareho tayo sa hindi masyadong explorer. Mabilis lang din akong mapagod. Gusto lang humilata at mag chill or magbasa ng libro siguro while having coffee. E pwede naman gawin nalang sa coffee shop di ba? hahaha

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  5. I also know what I expect to pay for when I go to a hotel. Here in the past few months, I’ve stayed in multiple hotels and have experience relatively good service/good prices (took a bit of research to find the right places though!) So I can relate to you, in that aspect!


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