Novina Hotel – Malé, Maldives

Whenever I fly back to Maldives from my vacation, I will always arrive late in the evenings and there’s no possibility for me to take a seaplane to my resort as the seaplane company only operates from 6am to 6pm. So I would definitely require a place to stay for the night.

The same goes when I had to do some business in Male’ (e.g. my recent tooth extraction), I would need a place to spend the night.

So I discovered Novina Hotel.

I have stayed in a lot of guest houses in Male’ and Hulhumale (the island where the airport is) and Novina Hotel is by far the cleanest I’ve seen. The rooms are quite small but I won’t mind if I’m to stay for only a night.

They have a restaurant on the first floor where I got a special noodle soup for dinner and a generous portion of à la carte breakfast.

I was also surprised by the service of their reception staff as I don’t expect much service from these kinds of hotel. I met the Front Office Manager and was offered generous assistance on the taxi from the hotel to the Ferry Terminal but I politely declined since the weather was too nice for me not to walk.

Novina Hotel – Room

It surprisingly has a minibar (with soft drinks only, of course) and a portable table, though chairs are by request as the rooms are small.

The price is ok, it can be reached easily as it is near Male’ Jetty 1. It is also near restaurants and shops which is a plus.

In case you need any information, here’s a link to their website. You can also check their rates here.

Check Novina Hotel Rates

25 responses to “Novina Hotel – Malé, Maldives”

  1. Really cool. Nice information. ✌️

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  2. Wow, this does looks clean and tidy. Thanks for sharing it up with us 🙂

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    1. Thanks Hammad! Hope you can visit Maldives soon!

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      1. Yeah. Thanks to you, I have added it up in my list of countries I better need to visit 🙂

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        1. That’s great! 🙂

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    1. Hihihi thanks Lenny 😂


  3. I am a local but that was v informative. Thankx

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    1. oh, but you guys will have a place to stay in Male at one point or another, like friends or family but for expats like me *__*


      1. you would be surprised. I have stayed at guest houses before as well.

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        1. seriously? hihihi

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  4. I like accommodations like these. Simple. It doesn’t matter how big it is. As long as it is clean, I can make myself comfortable with it.

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    1. True…clean and functional lang ayus na


  5. Bet! Will keep this in mind when I travel to Maldives (wuw feeling may kwarta hahahaha). 😂

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  6. Di ko makita yung pics. Huhu This one is in the city?

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    1. Wow floodlike si Masam Ji haha uu sa city to…so pag nagmeet ang jologs bloggers dito pwede tayo dyan haha


  7. […] overnight stops in Male’ you can check out Novina Hotel while in Hulhumale, you can check out Point Inn Hotel. These hotels are pretty new and […]


      1. go check out my blogs on hotels ! if you like

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