Life Lately

Non Instagram Husband Visited Me

Non-instagram husband visited me here on the last week of June (hence the funny clicks) and as much as I wish he could stay here with me, its just not possible. We had a lot of fun together but one week doesn’t cover up months of being away from each other.

I Lost a Wisdom Tooth

I was suffering from toothache for more than 10 days before I visited a dentist in Male’. I was trying to get the pain sorted out by pain killers as I was really hesitant to go to a dentist whom I don’t know and I really want to go to my dentist at home on my next leave however, my tooth wasn’t able to wait.

My wisdom tooth was growing horizontally and it was pushing the tooth next to it. So the pain comes from the pressure.

It was the most excruciating 30 minutes of my life as even though I got shots of anesthesia, I felt all the pain. My body was shaking long after the extraction and I felt sad to be alone. That after going through so much pain, I had to buy medicines on my own, I had to walk out and get a taxi back to the hotel on my own. I was lucky enough that the Chef of the hotel where I stayed in specially made a soup for me even though it was out of the menu. I also had fever that same night and it was somehow, a sad day for me.

My Skills Are Being Put To Test

Sometimes I feel that my boss trusts me that much for him to give me such difficult tasks or maybe there’s just no other desk here where the tasks can be dumped.

Recently, I’ve been receiving a lot of ‘writing’ tasks. I love writing about personal stuff but writing for marketing materials is quite different and it is tough. It requires a lot of energy and creativity. The write up also needs to adhere to brand standards which is the most difficult part.

I Felt Comfortable Showing My Face Here

Some of you may be surprised with my previous post. It was probably on of those very few posts where I posted pictures of myself as I usually don’t. For those of you who are following my instagram account, you might have noticed the same.

Earlier, I wanted to maintain anonymity and also I wasn’t so comfortable showing myself but times have changed. I felt that though anonymity is good, adding up a photo adds a little bit more of a personal touch, that the person behind this blog is a human and not an autobot.

Non-IG husband took several stolen shots and I noticed that on most of them, my hands are on my left jaw, probably because of the tooth ache.

49 responses to “Life Lately”

  1. Oh no! I too have horizontally growing wisdom teeth that are yet to be extracted. I’ve been putting off going to the dentist kasi wala rin akong kasama at natatakot akong mag-isa. Mabuhay ka at na-survive mo! Yakaaaap! 🙂

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  2. I know it can be a great challenge to write something out of our comfort zones, but I think that writing for marketing materials would be something interesting to explore. You can check to get some inspiring ideas for marketing materials and other stuff.

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  3. Brooo. Even before reading this post, I was really surprised to see your photo upload last time (i sometimes skim through my wordpress feeds-without reading ahah), you see, we are just not used to it. haha. Nice shots btw 🙂

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  4. I have the same problem with my wisdom tooth. Nakahiga siya but hindi pa niya tinutulak ung isang ngipin. Kaya layo muna ako sa dentist hahaha pero ang problem ko is may space in between the wisdom tooth and my regular tooth. Kaya laging may tinga dun, lol tmi! HAHAHA.

    Buti ka pa willing na magshow ng face, ito ako, July na hahaha ayaw pa din. 😛

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    • ha ha ha nagdecay na nga yung normal kong ngipin dahil nakadikit yung wisdom tooth, pero gaya mo maluwag din space sa mga ipin ko kaya madalas masingitan ha ha

      Ui ha ha, it takes time Kat, malay mo biglang maisip mo na lang one day na maglalagay ka na ng picture mong close up ha ha

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  5. I can relate to this! I also have a wisdom tooth that needs to be extracted soon pero takot ako e hehe kaya I’ve been putting it off. I’ve googled and also been told by my dentist that wisdom tooth is not simply being pulled out, kelangan talaga operation. And I don’t think you were supposed to feel that much pain. Grabe naman yung dentist dyan =(

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  6. I can relate..nung huling nagpabunot ako ng ngipin sinamahan ako ni misis..maiyak iyak ako sa sakit eh! After mabunutan gusto ko makauwi na lang hehe..muka daw akong akong batang inagawan ng kendi hehe..

    I love the last paragraph..totoong totoo yan sa akin..taz nung in-add ko kayo ni jai, naramdaman ko ung thrill 🙂

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  7. You look great. 🙂 Glad you weren’t one of those who get tooth extraction and go berserk over the smallest things due to the drugs they took at the dentist. I like watching those videos in youtube, they sing and dance and curse inside the car after their tooth extraction.

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