Nice Clicks by Non-Instagram-Husband

Nice Clicks by Non-Instagram-Husband

I and non-instagram-husband had a good laugh about my last post (though he was half mad at me LOL). But as mentioned, I’d like to be fair to non-instagram-husband and on this post, I’ll be sharing his nice clicks.

This kind of post is once in a blue moon as I rarely show my face here. However, I am very proud of my husband’s achievement so here are some of the nice images.

I feel like I’m one with nature on this photo.

 I like this photo though I feel like I am competing with the leaves. I sometimes feel that my husband likes plants.

 Finally, I’m on focus LOL

Sorry, not sorry about this pose.

And this is my favorite photo. I feel like he captured the perfect moment, with all the right, acute and obtuse angles, the elements and colors were in balance and I didn’t have to try hard to pose. It looks so natural.

39 responses to “Nice Clicks by Non-Instagram-Husband”

  1. Aysa! Finally, Love all the shots! Ganyan din asawa ko, out of 20 shots mga 2-3 lang ang maayos hahaha. MInsan kelangan ko pa edit kasi tabingi.

    Tsaka keribels mo pa lang uma-aura ang ganda! Push mo girl! We want to see more. 🙂

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    • Ha ha ha hindi pala ako nag-iisa….nagalit nga sya sakin dati nung sinabihan king tabingi ang kuha nya sa dagat 😂😂😂

      Last ko na to…nahiya ako sa mga pose ko LOL

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