The Struggle of Having a Non-instagram-husband

Behind every cute girl on Instagram is an #Instagramhusband or #Instagramboyfriend.

My struggle is real here. For one thing I’m not cute; for another, my husband is not an #instagramhusband.

The fact that I am not so photogenic gives me only two solutions to get a proper picture: (1) a really good angle and (2) a really great photographer. That I don’t have either of the two makes me rely on pure luck to have a nice photo.

My husband visited me here for a few days and I was so happy with the plan that I have been mapping on my mind long before he arrived. I am in a very beautiful place so I need to have equally beautiful pictures, with myself included.

To be honest, I prefer holding the camera. Not that I’m a professional photographer, however, whenever I take photos of my friends I feel happy whenever they are happy with the results. However, to be able to get good results, there should be cooperation between the model and the person who holds the camera. I tell my friends if they need to lift their chins or turn or slightly move their bodies to the left or to the right to get good angles.

The problem with my non-instagram-husband is he doesn’t say anything. He doesn’t say if I need to smile or not, if I need to move to the left or right etc. He just clicks and clicks and clicks. The problem with me as well is that I don’t know how to pose.

Both of us are non-pros here and here are the results.

I don’t know what this picture is for.

I took this photo of him and I asked him to take exactly the same picture of me.

And this is what I got..

It was windy one afternoon and I thought it would be nice to have a photo of my hair getting blown away by the wind. He asked me to turn sideways and this is the result. No wind effect at all..

Is the focus on me or the umbrella stand?

He said he had an idea. And these were the results of his idea. 

 I thought maybe he got his idea from Liza Soberano’s photo, ha ha He said, I walk faster than he clicks.

I asked him to take a photo of me while walking and this is what I got.


Note: No non-instagram-husband was harmed during the photoshoot.

This post is solely for fun and does not intend to complain about my husband’s photography skills. The shots were just funny so I thought I’d like to share them.

To be fair, my husband took nice shots which I will post later on.

69 responses to “The Struggle of Having a Non-instagram-husband”

  1. Don’t doubt yourself..if nde ka cute, ano na lang ako haha..i like your smile, very genuine..

    In fairness, i love the bonding moments you both have..i envy you guys 🙂 talkin’ about LDR here 🙂

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  2. Hahaha! Eto yung madalas na nababasa kong “Kuha ko kay Bes vs Kuha sakin ni Bes”.. 😀 Nakaka-relate ako dito, esp. dun sa macro shots. Instead na ikaw yung malinaw, its the other way around. Kaya isang lesson na natutunan ko is never set your DSLR to manual focus pag magpapakuha ka sa iba. 😀 Thanks Aysa. This made my day. 🙂

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      • Oh noh.. Hahah.. Di bale, madali na matutunan yun. The fact that you said that you feel happy whenever your friends are happy with the results means innate na sayo ang characteristic ng isang photographer. 🙂 Next time if in doubt ka pa din sa kukuha sayo, perhaps you can just use a tripod. Baka mas matuwa ka pa sa result. Hahah..

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          • Ay oo nakakapagod din ang timer, tsaka dyahe din pag may iba pang nag-aantay sayo para mag-picture din. 😀 Try mo bumili ng transceiver, isasalpak lang sa camera yun, then yung isa hawak mo. Kada click mo magsha-shot na yun. 🙂

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          • Added info na rin pala, kung di ka naman madalas gumamit ng flash, kahit ung ‘trigger’ lang bilhin mo pwede na. Mas mura sya compare sa transceiver. Ang transceiver kase madalas ginagamit sa flash. 🙂


  3. Hahahahaha.

    My boyfriend does photography and I look amazing in pics… I think people who read our blog expect me to look as glam in real life. So yes it’s really nice to have a companion who knows how to take pictures. Taas confidence rin 😁.

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  4. Let me tell you my story: My wife, Jia, doesn’t like to be pictured up at all. Even when we are eating out or making a trip to park, she always say no to taking her pictures. And this makes me sad. But I then sneak upon her in unconventional ways for a shot or two.
    These aren’t bad shots as I view them as purely natural shots, which I love to take as I want my subject to be in their natural self, no need in for any kind of direction. Spice these shots with perfect background and voila, one amazing shot you got 🙂

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  5. Oh my God! I can relate! Haha! Kaya wala akong solo pictures na kuha ni hubby sa IG feeds ko. Selfie lang ang meron because angle!
    Madaya ano? Lahat ng kuha ko sa kanya maganda at lahat naman ng kuha nya sa akin hindi ko mawari kung ako ba talaga ang subject. Hindi lang pala ako nagiisa.

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  6. Omg this is hilarious! Story of my life :/ When we went to Pisa I took a great photo of him with the Tower of Pisa in the background. In the one he took of me, you see me and barely any of the tower. You can’t really tell where this is taken. As it was back before digital cameras, this was discovered after we got home. That’s the photo memory I have of me with this famous landmark. #thestruggleisreal

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  7. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Mapalad ka pa din kasi may nagpipicture sayo! Haha. Natatawa pa din ako especially dun sa mga nakafocus ang dahon at super blurred mo na.

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  8. Aliw na aliw ako sa “idea” shots niya. In fairness, ganda ng blur at focus effect.

    Gusto ko din ng #instagramboyfriend na maiintindihan ang IG struggles ko. Hahahaha.

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