I Want to be a Housewife

Today as I browse my facebook feed, I saw a post of a high school classmate about her lumpiang shanghai (spring rolls) with a status that goes along this line, it’s difficult to wrap a lumpia.

She used to be an Accountant in a big fast food chain till she got pregnant. From her pregnancy till date (her daughter must be 8 years old already), she is a stay at home mom / house wife.

Then I thought of my current dream. I want to be a housewife.

You may raise your left eyebrow and read what I have written once again but your eyes aren’t fooling you. You’ve read it right. My current dream is to be a housewife. You may ask, why?

For the longest time, women have been battling for their rights to work and to be leaders of companies, to be on top of the corporate ladder, etc., etc., and here I am,  wanting to leave my hard earned profession to become a housewife.

But my question to myself now is, am I ready to be a housewife? And will I be a good one?

I was raised by a working mom. She’s out the whole day and by the time she comes home she’s already tired. She will choose the easy-to-cook-dishes for dinner. I’ve never heard of dishes such as Morcon and Sisig till I reached college and I’ve never seen her preparing any dish with cooking time that exceeds 20mins. Don’t even ask about home baked cakes or cupcakes. We don’t have an oven but more than that, she never had time.

I always envied my classmates and neighbors who’d get home made delicacies for merienda. For us, if we want to eat something, we have to buy it.

Leaving the food issues aside, I don’t know how my mom managed to do the other chores after a long day. Well, I have a share of chores since I am the eldest. I wash the dishes after our dinner while I would see her ironing our uniforms. I do the laundry, she does the ironing (later on, I started doing the ironing too). She has 4 kids plus my father to take care of too. At that time, I never really thought about how she must feel. Her legs must be sore at night and she must be so sleepy all the time because of her late nights and early mornings. And more than her physical condition, how about the mental and emotional aspect? To work while doing the chores and raising 4 kids and a husband is tough.

I can’t imagine how my mom will be if she is a stay at home mom/wife. Whenever she’s at home, she can’t stop doing things and after a day at home, she’s bored and she would want to go back to work the next day. I’m not sure if I will be the same.

I think of how I will be should I become a housewife. Am I ready to do all the cooking and cleaning stuff instead of reading emails and getting high blood pressure from annoying colleagues? Am I ready to be just receiving money from my husband instead of earning them by myself?

About the cooking thing, see, I am not a good cook. But my husband never complained about my cooking anyway (so far) even though, when we were together in Dubai, I always cooked sauteed (insert item here, ie veggies, pork, etc) in oyster sauce. I think I can learn this once I have time. (LOL, I had 4 years to learn how to cook in college but nothing happened, but that’s why I married a chef. And sometimes I blame my mom and our lifestyle for my non-interest in cooking).

About the cleaning and other stuff, well, I love ironing clothes. I iron even pajamas and sleeping clothes while singing so there shouldn’t be any problem on this part.

And about the earning part, I am a low maintenance person so I think I would be happy with whatever I receive.

I don’t really know how ready I am but somehow I feel excited for that time to come when I can just be at home, trying to bake cakes (and failing and blogging about it), watering plants in a small garden, sewing curtains and skirts and all that homely stuff.

As of now, I can only dream and be excited about it. Till then, I will hang on to where I am now, reading my emails, screaming at annoying colleagues (though I try so hard not to), reading your blogs and writing about my thoughts.

image: maretraiteauxphilippines.blogspot.com

27 thoughts on “I Want to be a Housewife

  1. I’m a 24/7 housewife for 10 years and I’m loving it. I wouldn’t trade anything in the world, just to see my husband’s smile while enjoying his home cooked meals I prepared for him. Knowing that he’s proud to have a caring wife is the greatest reward for me. (Dapat lang naman, pinagpalit ko career ko para lang alagaan sya. Hahaha)

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  2. Kaysarap alagaan ang mga pangarap na nabuo sa mumunting kaisipan hano..

    Ako din nangarap (hindi na maging housewife haha) ng isang masayang pamilya..God-fearing, maayos ang buhay..kaysarap isipin na unti-unti ibinibigay ng Lord sa tamang panahon.

    Wait ko rin yung baking delights mo..kainaman sa cake pag nasira gawin mong puding o kaya cookie crumbles, hehe (peace).

    Basta gusto ko yang excitement na pakiramdam na yan. For sure madami ka maisusulat lalo, iba kc pag may bago sa setup masarap mag blog..

    Hihintayin ko yan 🙂

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  3. Don’t jump unless you are 100% sure about it. I have seen female colleagues in my workplace who were good at their job but once they tied the knot, the got fully hooked up to the housewife part of life. Do what makes you happy but also make others happy by doing something for them 😊

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