As the Sun Goes Down

When I was still in Dubai, I tried several times to fast during the Holy Month of Ramadan; however, I always failed after the first day then I never tried again.

Last year when I arrived here in the Maldives it was mid-Ramadan already and I was still adjusting with the lifestyle so I didn’t even think about fasting. But this time, I thought I’d give it a try.

For those who do not know what Ramadan is, this is the Holy Month in which Muslims fast for 30 days – they don’t eat and drink from dawn until dusk.

Though I am not a Muslim, I am fasting and you might be wondering why. I have my personal reasons for doing so. I wanted to fast because I wanted to pray for something and I hope that I will be heard.  The only reason that I am doing this during this month and not any other month is because it will be easier for me to fast while almost everyone else is doing it.

And since this is my first time (to survive the first day and continue for several days), I am quite excited with the experience.

On the first day of Ramadan, I woke up at 04:30am to drink water and eat what they call Suhour or ‘pre-dawn meal’ which will help me last through the day, until the ‘breaking of fast.’

That day was a struggle. More than the hunger, it was the thirst that made me almost want to give up. As the sun went down, I broke my fast with cold orange juice and that wasn’t a good idea. A few hours after eating my Iftar or ‘the meal eaten after sunset,’ I threw up everything.  I really guess that’s because of the orange juice, but it could also be my body, adjusting to the practice.

The second day was a bit better for me, I felt like my body has adjusted already. However, I had to stop the next day and I was not able to fast for four days due to my period, as women are not allowed to fast during this time.

After four days, I started fasting again and I felt like I’m back to square one. I felt dizzy and in a trance most of the time. I cannot concentrate at work and I made several mistakes on my emails. But today it was easier and it feels just like a normal day – just without the food and drinks.

Though I have just fasted for several days, I found beauty in this practice. It made me appreciate more the food that is served on the table. It made me feel so blessed and thankful to have something to eat by the end of the day.  It made me pray more as well.

It also made me stop the small vices, like coffee, chocolates, chips and all the unhealthy stuff.

Recently, I was also in a calm and meditative state of mind. I have always struggled with my emotions and I always get mad easily and this is quite a challenge but I feel like I’m doing well.

Something wonderful happened too, and though I feel that it might just be a coincidence, I feel that it is a blessing. If you have read my post about not feeling well recently, I did have fever and cold until the day before Ramadan. But I prayed that if I will be well the next day, I will fast. And it happened.

This beautiful experience is new to me and every day as the sun goes down, I pray and thank Him for the blessings and I pray that He continues to bless you and me even more.

35 responses to “As the Sun Goes Down”

    • Yeah. Someone told me that even if I fast, as long as I am not a Muslim, I won’t get the blessing. But i think, we all pray to the same God, so regardless of our religion….

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      • With Christianity, if you’re not Christian, you won’t go to heaven. That’s the fundamental belief. lol

        Though, actually I wasn’t taught that. It all depends on how one lives. No matter how much one prays, if there’s no compassion for a fellow human being, one does not go to heaven.

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  1. naks. na-enlighten dahil sa gutom…

    pero ang galing ano, natututo ka ng self control, yung IKAW mismo yung incharge at hindi yung cravings mo be it sa pagkain o indulgence sa ibang bagay. naunahan mo kong isulat ang tungkol sa gutom (hahaha) pero well said…

    may isang tumatanda narin gaya ko…

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  2. Usually on the third day, nag-a-adapt na yung katawan mo sa practice. Naisip ko na rin sabayan sila mag-fast, kaso ayun, hanggang isip nalang. haha! Ilang araw nalang..Keep it up! 🙂

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      • Oh great!
        Okay here they are:
        1. Avoid fried items during sahoor time.
        2. Open your fast with water and light snacks. For the next 2-3 hours, just drink water. Eat dinner if you want to then.
        3. Dates are best meal for sahoor and iftar, the time when we open our fast.
        4. Avoid heavy meals during sahoor and iftar, you won’t be able to do anything especially after opening your fast if you fill up your belly with junk food.
        5. A nap in afternoon is a good idea if you can manage it.

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