4 Things that Made Me So Annoyed Today

I was so busy over the last few days, or weeks, maybe. I don’t know how long I have been having late nights.  Being busy is fine, really. It keeps me up to beat, it makes me sharp.

However, being busy with my job doesn’t mean I will be exempted from annoying people, things and happenings. Busy as it is, I still have time to be annoyed because some things are just annoying (ha ha).

Today I read a blogger’s post about the things that made her happy last week. I like reading her posts as she spreads tons of positivity but I guess her aura hasn’t reached the Indian Ocean. After reading her post, I just got a lot more annoyed because I can’t find anything that made me happy recently.

I don’t want to spread negativity but I just can’t find someone to talk to. I looked at my contact list and friends list but I just can’t seem to find anyone who would probably understand me and  my sentiments so I’d rather talk to myself and the screen, whine and write and post it in this space called blog.

  1. Spoon feeding is an understatement

Some people just don’t know how to read emails. Or they do know but they don’t want to or they don’t want to understand.  The fact that I have sent all the information with all the smallest details via email, I still get several calls from people asking about the same thing that I have written on the email.

I’m speechless.

  1. Like, I have nothing to do

I have been having late nights recently as this is my busiest period of the year. I have prepared myself for this busy season and I’m ok with being busy. However, some people in the Head Office thinks that I am just twiddling my thumbs here waiting for them to send me an email and give me some work to do. And I guess they expect me to shout HURRAH upon receiving a new task. Like, how can you expect me to create a write up for three resorts with a 24 hour deadline? Like, really?

  1. BUT WHY?

A guest wants to speak to someone else’s boss but I was being called to face the guest and I don’t understand this!

  1. How about an ice cream?

I was about to explode here in the office because I felt that I can’t handle the pressure anymore.  I remember a few years ago, whenever I feel so mad, I’d go out and eat ice cream as somehow it has a soothing effect on me so I thought I’ll go to our shop, buy a Magnum and sit on the swing under the tree while eating it.

However, as I was about to get up from my seat, the rain started pouring. I wanted to really cry at that point but my office mate might see me and think that I have gone mad.


It feels good to be able to rant. I don’t really have time to waste but I made time to write all these (I have to) because I can’t take it anymore.

I will be back soon with a happier mood. Take care everyone!

14 responses to “4 Things that Made Me So Annoyed Today”

  1. I’m so sorry that you’re having a bad day today!! Let me share what annoyed me today so somehow you’ll feel better. My manager just played me. She was saying that I was going to get swapped with another resource. But lo and behold, the ‘swap’ didn’t happen and she left me out to dry. She just got who she wanted and cast me aside.

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    1. Yan pala ang mas masarap umbagin 😠😠😠

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  2. The Romantic Alpha Avatar
    The Romantic Alpha

    inumbag mo na sana brad

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    1. Ha ha ha lahat ba sila uumbagin?

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      1. The Romantic Alpha Avatar
        The Romantic Alpha

        pwede, bakit hindi nyahahaha

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  3. I think there’s too much pressure going around you. maybe you think you’re handling it well, but I think cracks are showing up.. Girl, you need to relax. I don’t know how in your case, but as far as I go, I do things one at a time, unless one is real emergency that I have to deal asap.

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  4. Yup, we all have those need-to-rant days to ease the weight of our ‘loads’. Very normal, very OFW, very woman! Hahaha


  5. Albert Soriano Avatar
    Albert Soriano

    I can relate 🙂

    Whoever invented the concept of multi-tasking should have died a slow death hehe..

    Believe me, your manager knew you’re swamped. They just don’t care, or have much confidence in you. Take some time to rest, and keep working on your last nerve 🙂

    I hope all went well..

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    1. Sa tingin oo he just have much confidence…btw…umalis na sa kumpanya namin ang isa sa mga annoying guys na nabanggit ko

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      1. Albert Soriano Avatar
        Albert Soriano

        Ah good to know, one less monkey haha

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  6. Sounds like my normal work day. Almost everyday, I think about leaving my office at 12pm, walk to the bus stand, catch a bus to the beach and stay there till the sun goes down.
    But sadly, this never happens 😥

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    1. Haha sorry about that 😂😂😂

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