Today, me and my colleagues went to another resort where the FUTSAL league is being held.

FUTSAL is a variation of Football played on a smaller court and to tell you, Maldivians are die hard Foot ball enthusiasts. So this game is a big thing for my Maldivian colleagues and we were there to support them.

Anyway, I’m not here to talk about FUTSAL or Football because I’m not really a big fan of the sport. I’m here to share some photos that I took. Well, taking photos of non-moving objects can be tricky, what more of moving people. Quite tough!

So here are few good ones out of almost a hundred that I rejected. (ha ha) I’m sure none of my colleagues will object to my posting of their photos. (ha ha)



5 responses to “FUTSAL”

  1. Nakkkss.. magcocover na yan ng event next time 🙂 Gusto ko rin matutunan magpicture ng tao. haha hanggang structure at halaman lang keri ng powers ko hahahah

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    1. Wahahahaha magpapalit nako ng career. Chos! Kaya mo din yan…maghanap ka ng guinea pig na papayag maging model mo sa umpisa haha

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      1. Makahanap nga. Hahaha

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        1. Ha ha ha for sure maraming magvovolunteer ui

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          1. Hmm… we’ll see. hahaha


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