From Russia with Love

One of my tasks here is to take care of Media guests, Bloggers and Travel Agents visiting our resort.

Over the last 10 months of doing so, I’ve met a lot of different people from different countries with different agendas. Most of them are nice but there are some ungrateful bloody b@$=^*s!

Anyway, my recent Russian group was quite different from all the other Russian guests I met earlier. They were a group of 10 people, all well-behaved and a little bit jolly.

I don’t have anything against the Russians here (*disclaimer*disclaimer*disclaimer). It’s just that when you’ve watched too much movies with Russian spies or hardcore mafias (ex. Angelina Jolie’s Salt) you’ll always generalize them as such specially when your imagination goes beyond your control.

I have really met a few rude Russians but I’ve met a lot of friendly people from that part of the planet. They just seem rude because of the way they speak.

So this Russian Group that I was talking about is really a nice bunch and they even gave me a lot of gifts (I really never expect to receive any). And here you go, I’m happily showing them off to you right now!

Matryoshka Doll – Russian National Handcraft

The iconic St. Basil’s Cathedral on the cover of a mirror
and of course, lots of chocolates and Russian sweets

19 responses to “From Russia with Love”

  1. greeting from qatar.

    nice figurine, I saw that sa isang movie ni jackie chan, ung may maliit na doll sa loob habang sinisipa ng kalaban pag nababasag may maliit na doll sa loob, hanggang super liit na hehe..
    i’m also working with multi-cultural environment, i must say russians are fast-talker at parang firm ang accent, pero gaya ng experience mo they are sweet, considerate individuals. Mapagregalo din sila, at least karamihan 🙂

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      • Scorchingly hot na dito..nag winter few months ago malamig lamig pa..ngayon papainit na..
        Kaka relax naman jan. I wish one time magkaroon ng chance makapunta jan.


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