I sat in a training room yesterday and was asked to talk about the times in my life where my persistence paved way to my success.

I thought of all my experiences wherein persistence took over my life and it was not easy to spot one.

I did remember my diligence in learning how to use excel sheet, word and power point and how it helped me rise from being an MS Office-ignorant to an efficient Executive Secretary and so on and so fort.

Indeed a success story. A motivational testimony. But that’s one success in maybe a hundred failures.

As we left the training room, I started wondering about all the other times when persistence almost disappeared in my life, like ashes from burnt dreams being blown away by wind of desperation.

I remember how several times in my life, I succumbed to the word – destiny.

Whenever I fail at something for once or twice, I will tell myself, to just give up as it might not be meant for me. That maybe something else or something better is waiting for me that’s why I failed.

But after yesterday’s training, I asked myself – if I had not believed much in destiny and if I had been tenacious in pursuing what I wanted earlier in life, would I be in a different place or job right now? Would I be in a destiny I have created for myself?

17 responses to “Persistence”

  1. Interesting!
    Our choices define our life. We only realize after making a choice, whether we made a good one or bad. Sometimes we may find out in an instant but mainly we don’t.

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    1. Hello Hammad! of course our choices define our life. Though you will always have what ifs later on at some point 🙂

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  2. The Romantic Alpha Avatar
    The Romantic Alpha

    isa sa mga pinakamahirap na tanong!

    siguro brad hanggang masaya ka pang sumusubok sa gusto mong marating, sige lang, base sa experience ko. maraming frustrations totoo yan, pero habang nafu-frustrate ako kumbaga yung gusto kong marating mas nagiging malinaw kung ano. kumbaga sa ginto na di pa puro, sa bawat frustration ko mas napu-purify yung ginto at mas nagiging malinaw sa akin kung ano talaga yung gusto ko, kumbaga mas nagkakaroon ng direksyon kumpara sa kung halimbawang tinigil ko kaagad. kahit papano may narating ako kahit di man eksaktong yun yung una kong pinangarap.

    sensya na brad napahaba na tapos malabo pa. basta brad: if symptoms persist, insult your doctor

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    1. wahahaha haba brad ah pero salamats at ang ganda ng panghuling payo ha ha ha ha

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      1. The Romantic Alpha Avatar
        The Romantic Alpha

        sure.. salamat at pinatambay mo ko dito 😀

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  3. Destiny is that hidden power which is believed to control the future. It is similar to passing the buck to God by saying “Bahala na” (kay Bathala na).

    When a person invokes destiny as the reason for events in one’s life, he or she is saying that the future is pre-determined. There’s no sense in trying.

    Those who invoke the Bathala are also effectively surrendering their power over life events, somehow saying that whatever happens is the will of God.

    There is room for persistence in one’s life. You can change the course of events; try and try until you succeed!

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  4. If symptoms persist, insult your doctor. 😂😂😂

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    1. Oo panalo yang payo na yan 😂😂😂

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  5. Ang seryoso mo dito, di ako sanay. 😂😂 I think, you are exactly where you needed to be. You rock, and you always do! Kamown! 👊💪👏😘


  6. Ano ba talaga gusto mong gawin dati? 🙂

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    1. Maging si Darna 😐

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      1. May bato ka na ba? 🙂

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        1. Hindi ko nga mahanap 😐

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          1. Ingat ka sa paggamit ng bato. Siguraduhing safe at walang nakakakita. Baka matokhang si Darna. haha

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          2. bato bato sa langit, ang tamaan… high! LOL

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