The Ants

Let’s ask someone to spray the ants away, said my office mate when I immediately cut him off.

No! I semi-screamed as if he had said something forbidden, unlawful and illegal. As if he wanted to harm the ants and I am the sole protector of all ant-kind. They will go away by themselves, let them be.

He looked at me, his face in a bit of a shock with my reaction to his statement.

I then calmed down and explained to him that the ants are all over our table and are climbing to the ceiling in battalions because its going to rain and that they will be gone even before it rains or maybe after.

He gave me a mocking laugh and asked, what’s the logic on that?

I thought about all those times I’ve seen ant trails on our bathroom wall, on the wall near my bed and everywhere else. I will always tell myself, it will rain once these ant trails are gone. And the accuracy of my predictions are 99% correct.

I remembered the story of The Ant and The Grasshopper and asked myself if this moron of an office mate never heard of this fable.

I explained to him that ants tend to go up to higher places whenever they sense the upcoming rain so as not to drown, and they bring their food as well with them. Though this explanation is clearly an assumption from my side, thinking of what should I do in case I’m an ant and I know that the rain is about to fall. I shall go to higher grounds with my food supply right? A bit of a common sense right? Just like when there is a tsunami warning, we, humans, go to higher grounds to keep ourselves safe.

He said, let’s see if there’s sense in this logic.

Anyway, I told  him to wait and that it will rain soon. This conversation happened on Thursday and it did not rain. Yesterday, I was looking at the sky and it was half sunny, half cloudy and windy and I was half wishing for it to rain so that my predictions can once again come true.

I asked a local if there is any chance of rain. He looked at the sky and said no.

Then last night as I was tucking myself to bed, I heard raindrops falling on the rooftop. It wasn’t so loud initially and I was in doubt. Maybe it was just strong wind. To satisfy myself, I opened the door and saw the wet ground.

Then the rain started pouring hard. I closed the door and listened to the the noise of the roof.

I smiled a victorious smile.

I walked into the office this morning. The ants are gone.

11 responses to “The Ants”

  1. I’ll be waiting for the story of The Grasshopper. 🙂

    Anong sabi ni officemate matapos umulan? Hehe

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    1. Ha ha…so far wala pa akong nakitang tipaklong dito…

      wala syang reaction…

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      1. Sabi naman nila kapag may tipaklong may patay na dumadalaw. Haha Well, nakagisnan ko yang pamahiin. But of course di naman ako.naniniwala. Haha

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  2. There is really a logic to that. But still, thanks for pointing that out. Ano raw? Haha pumasok ka ba sa office na nay ngiting tagumpay? Anong sabi ni koya?

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    1. Walang pake si koya…either pahiya sya o engot lang talaga sya haha

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      1. Ahahahaha! I bet kung hindi umulan, binalikan ka nun. Haha

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        1. Oo nga wahahahahha


  3. Us, the humans, are also like ants. Ants of the universe we are.
    Picture this: Pick an ant from one point and carry it to the furthermost place you can go by using car or taxi. After arriving there, free that ant and think for a moment: Would it be possible for that ant to travel this far on his/her own?
    I doubt that!


  4. Albert Soriano Avatar
    Albert Soriano

    Indeed, moron nga yung officemate mo hehe

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    1. he he he malamang marami kang katrabahong ganito ang lahi at ganito ka rin ka’talino’

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      1. Exactly! 🙂 They sometimes play dumb to dodgr responsibility..

        Oks lng naman, madaming natututunan out of these experiences, character building ba


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