I was browsing through my folders today and saw the photos I took last December when I stayed in Male’ for a day prior to my flight to Manila.

I stayed in a guest house and took some photos of the room while letting the time pass.

I am so used to being alone without feeling lonely, however, the room where I stayed has this melancholic air in it.

Not so sure if the feeling was brought about by the color of the wall paper or the effect of the sun rays dimmed by the curtain.

Sometimes I wonder why I take photos of curtains and windows and wall paper and pillow and other trivial stuff.

But then when I look at these pictures again a few months after taking them, not only do they bring back memories of the day but they also stir up certain feelings, known and unknown.

4 responses to “Melancholia”

  1. Terno ang book sa wallpaper. Seguro pag mag-isa ka lang mapapansin mo lahat ng details sa room. Kaya mas prefer ko ang kwarto na maaliwalas at maliwanag para di nakakalungkot. 🙂 HIndi ko pa nabasa ang previous article mo kasi medyo mahaba. Pag nagka-time ako. 🙂

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    1. Oo nga eh…magkakulay sila kaya siningit ko yung libro hihihi….siguro nga epekto ng kulay ng pader yun…hihihihi

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  2. Tapos sinamahan mo pa ng libro ni Haruki Murakami, melancholia nga! Hahaha 🙂 I’m one of his fans!

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    1. Hahaha nakita ko nga sa isa sa mga posts mo na nabanggit si Murakami hehehe


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