I’m Lazy Today. Don’t Tell My Boss.

I woke up today 10 minutes earlier than the time in which my alarm is bound to disturb my sleeping roommate.

I closed my eyes again and waited for the forthcoming disturbance.

When it finally broke the silence of the dim room, I pressed the ‘x’ button on my phone, shut my eyes again and waited for the next alarm, set after 5 minutes.

Such habit is hard to break and is actually becoming addictive.

The caress of my bed, pillows and blanket makes it difficult for me to leave them even after the sun has risen for quite some time already.

I went to the bathroom and before turning the shower tap, I looked at the mirror and glanced at my abs, if I could call it abs. Maybe tummy is a more suitable term. I was looking for some change on it, I was expecting some, after swimming for 45 minutes daily for the last 45 days, I really need to see some difference.

But it just looks the same as it was yesterday, and the day before, the week before, the month before, just like my life here on the island.

I went for breakfast and ate the usual.

Sitting with my colleagues, we chatted about the usual. We asked just about the same thing, Who’s sexier? Ellen Adarna, Dionne Monsanto or Solen Heussaff? Is there even a point of comparison between these three?

After sipping the last drop of coffee, I went to the office and sat on my desk. There are 60 unread mails on my inbox, and a lot of uncounted read ones with red flag.

I checked my personal mail and saw 200 unread emails on my inbox. Nothing of important business, but posts from you my dear bloggers that I am ought to read.

I have a lot of pending tasks but I didn’t want to even look at my to do’s list. Instead I started typing this and gave myself a little break from the usual routine.

17 responses to “I’m Lazy Today. Don’t Tell My Boss.”

  1. This so looks like my normal weekday! I feel the same when I open my eyes and feel like staying on bed for the rest of the day. This feeling stays with me for the next 10 hours, until I step back in home.
    It is good to have a break a like this and this is why I sneak into my blog from office whenever I can 😀

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    1. ha ha ha you are right, and now I am sneaking in again. naughty me LOL

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  2. Laziness…. it happens to the best among us.

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  3. We all need vacation once in a while. 😉

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    1. Ha ha ha nakaka isang day off pa lang kasi ako mula nung January haha ayan 😆😆😆

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      1. kaya pala.. parang ang sarap magwork sa place mo. laging maganda ang view. 😉

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        1. Haha yun lang pakonswelo ang view 😁😁😁

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  4. Sounds like we are all plagued with that sense of not wanting to get out of bed …
    A little procrastination on the blogosphere helps to get going with the routine of living isn’t it?… maybe sometimes 🙂
    Sometimes, a little blog post leads to more time browsing and reading other blogs and ends up being too much

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  5. abs!!!! magkakaroon din yan. shy type lang siya. hahaha

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    1. Ha ha ha baka nga nahihiya lang madam

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  6. Kasama ba ako sa nag notify ng new blog post? Hahaha. Ganyan talaga ang buhay, minsan nakakatamad. Ako nga kung pwede lang mag leave din bilang asawa. Nakakasawa na rin kasi ang gawain sa bahay, paulit-ulit nalang araw araw, mula pag gising hanggang pagtulog. 😀

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    1. ha ha ha oo kasama ka sa notification haha ganun talaga minsan burned out eh


  7. hi daw sabi ni bruno mars, mag lazy song kanalang 🙂 late na ako sa balita hahha

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    1. ha ha ha busyness ka eh


  8. Naks. Abs! Uy swimming everyday? Awesome! 🙂

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