Finding Comfort in a Loose Screw

There’s this one girl in the island that everybody laughs at. They said she has a loose screw on her head.

She is quite strange in a way. We all are anyway.

She does a lot of mistakes and fails to complete her tasks. But who does not?

She is often misunderstood because of her communication skills but who among us have perfected this skill and was never misunderstood?

Every one says she sends texts to random guys to stay with her for the night. But I never believed. No one showed me her text. But if this is true, who cares? She is in charge of her own body and she can do whatever she wants to it as long as she doesn’t bother or harm anyone else.

Whenever this girl sits along the crowd in the canteen or anywhere else, she becomes the laughing stock. Everyone makes fun of her. And she just laughs too. I don’t know if she knew that people are making fun of her and she is just ignoring it or if she really didn’t get the joke.

During these times, a colleague of mine will sarcastically say, look how funny your BFF is.

Prior to knowing all the stuff about her, and even after, I have always invited her to swim or snorkel. I would always sit with her during lunch or dinner and I would always  chat with her whenever we cross paths. People would randomly see us together and a colleague of mine would often mock me for hanging out with a girl, with a loose screw.

In this modern era where everyone cries for freedom, equality and justice, prejudice is still very visible in all sorts of form.

This girl with a loose screw gives me some sort of comfort though, when everyone else is way too smart for me to talk to. Maybe her mind is too small to perceive things the way everyone else does as sometimes she talks with a little air of childlike innocence, but that’s just exactly what I need when all the adults around me are just too difficult to understand.

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