Handmade Stuff

(From left) The tablet cover, the tablet and Fergy the Frog


I made this tablet cover, the one on the image. Does it look like a tablet cover? Or does it look more like an elongated pot holder (ha ha)? Be honest. It’s ok.

Do you have any idea how I made it? It’s very simple.

I went to the shop to buy the materials (fabric, buttons, etc.,). I measured and cut the fabric and fleece according to the size of the tablet. I stitchedΒ the inner fabric, the fleece and the outer fabric all together – of course I used a sewing machine. Then I assembled it and put the piping – this is the brown line on the side of the tablet cover. And by the way, it only took me about 3 hours (and more I guess) just to measure and cut and put them all together.

Easy right?

But why am I saying this to you? Am I suddenly going to teach you how to make a handmade tablet cover?

Of course not.

I showed this tablet cover of mine to a friend and teeming with pride I told her that I made it. She laughed and said, you aren’t selling that, aren’t you? It’s ok if you’re not gonna sell it.

I know, I know. My tablet cover looks like a pot holder but that’s ok. And my friend is somewhat harsh too, but still that’s ok. Now I’m not posting this to get sympathy.

What I’m trying to say here is that I hope that when you guys come across handmade stuff, regardless of how pretty or not the work is, please try to appreciate it. Please try to support and motivate people who does this specially if the creators are kids and stay-at-home moms.

It takes not only a heart to be able to create crafts like this. It also takes time, effort and dedication.

Some people do this to have extra income but honestly, a lot do make handmade stuff for happiness. Creating a handmade bag won’t make someone as rich and popular as Louis Vuitton or Michael Korrs (or the people behind them). Sometimes, people create to make use of their extra time or to learn new things. This could also be a therapy for the depressed, you’ll never know. It’s not about the money all the time. Sometimes its also about happiness and self worth.

So whenever you come across someone selling handmade stuff whether it’s a bag or pouch, or arts and crafts, drawings and paintings, handmade cards or bookmarks, bracelets, homemade cupcakes or recycled art etc., please don’t look much on the appearance. These are handmade stuff and not factory products made perfectly by machines. Think about how the stuff was made and buy them if you can even though you don’t have any use for them. You’ll never know how you can make the creator happy.

And if you don’t have any use for it, you can give it as a gift maybe. You’ll never know how some people appreciate handmade gifts.

In this world where everyone looks for the brand, look for the heart.

And also, have a heart.

27 responses to “Handmade Stuff”

  1. This reminded me of my project in HS. I made something like this, actually tote bag sya and I used it for more than two years kasi nagagandahan ako hehehe. I love handmade stuff, bigyan moko nyan Aysa! πŸ™‚

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  2. Buti nga nakagawa ka at natuwa ka. Mayron kang sense of accomplishment. Hindi matawaran iyon. Tsaka, lahat naman nagsisimula somewhere. After this piece, pwede ka na gumawa ng iba mo pang maisipan kasi alam mo kaya mo naman. πŸ™‚

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