My Happiness Jar

I was randomly browsing images on pinterest when I came across this Happiness Jar image.

Write down something that made you happy every day for a year, then open the jar and read about all the amazing things that happened.:

I thought the idea was so cool. There are so many bloggers who write about the things that made them sad or angry, and to be honest I’m one of them. So if we write about sad things, why not write about the happy things too?

However, I don’t have a cute jar like that on the image and I don’t have cute papers too so I just decided that I’ll virtually write down the things that made me happy and drop them into my virtual Happiness Jar.

And I thought of doing this once a week, or whenever there’s so much happiness going on.

So here’s the first post of My Happiness Jar.


1. My Brother’s Pointillism Drawing

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My youngest brother sent me and image of his pointillism assignment and I was really surprised and of course happy. I wasn’t really expecting anything this good from him.

My brother is a lazy boy and he never excelled in school because he never tried to. He was just always stuck in front of the computer playing all sorts of online games he could find. We thought that he will change once he starts UNI as college students would be busy with assignments, projects, thesis, etc., plus the travelling hours from Rizal to Manila already takes up a lot of time.

But amidst all these obstacles in his gaming life, he still finds his way.

Nevertheless, I am still a proud and happy Ate!


2.  A Gift from My Roommate


My roommate gave me this mug as a Christmas gift. I’m so happy because I now have a pencil holder. Hence my bedside table became a bit organized.


3. Princess’ DIY Bullet Journal Post

In this post, Princess shared photos of her DIY Journal and the thing that caught my attention is her To Do List which included – Start the 21 Day Fast. We had a small conversation on her comment section about fasting and I thought she just gave me the answers to my questions. I am happy and grateful to see her post.


4. A Verse

I have to be honest this time, and it really hurts to say that I’ve lost my connection with Him for quite sometime. To tell the truth, I haven’t visited any church for a long while, not that I’m not a believer. It’s just that here in Maldives, obviously there’s no church for me to go to and when I was in Dubai, some of my friends asked me to attend the Bible Studies and stuff but the minute I hear their Pastor speak, I knew that I know better than him/her. Not that I’m being arrogant, I just know who knows and who doesn’t.

That I haven’t been able to visit any Church for a long while didn’t make me lose my connection with Him for I read the Bible and I pray to Him directly.

However, somehow I got lost in between.

Today I opened the Bible, didn’t search for any particular verse. I just opened it randomly and this is the present that I got from Him.


I’ve been a very naughty child and I got lost. But He led me back to Him. I am happy and grateful for that.


How about you? What are the things that made you happy recently? Would you like to drop them into the Happiness Jar?

45 responses to “My Happiness Jar”

  1. this is really cool! i don’t know if you have noticed, many bloggers are writing their ‘happy list’ pero masyado nang marami ang gumagawa noon. my happiness jar is really cute. pwede ko tong gayahin. brilliant minded ka talaga Aysa! 🙂

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  2. I first learned about this happiness jar from a Philippine movie that I watched on YouTube. It’s about a woman who had lost her family to that super storm, including her fiancé whom she was about to get married to. She then stays temporarily at a shelter and becomes a roommate of a little girl. She’s irritated at the little girl ‘s happy disposition. She herself wants to commit suicide for she has lost everything but the girl prevents her from doing that. Things happen, then at the end of the movie, she finds out the little girl is actually dying, and dies. She checks out the girl’s stuff, and finds a ” happiness ” jar. I bawled my eyes out after the movie.

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  3. Singet, ko lang tong saken ha, Alam niyo guys, or brethren, ang Kasiyahan ko lang naman, at magbahagi din ng Word of God at Kagalakan ko na makilala mo siya ng lubusan Through Social Media, kahit basahin niyo lang ang mga post ko sa Blog site ko, ang mahalaga nabasa mo ang ipinasasabi sa atin ng Lord at paalala niya, huwag siyang kalimutan bawat araw at bawat oras dahil ni minsan hindi nya tayo iniwan at hindi kailan man tayo pababayaan kung nagbabasa ka ng Bibliya mababasa mo din itong talata sa Matthew 28:20 sabi no Jesus, “I’am with you Even unto the End of the world.”
    at tumawag lang tayo sa kanyang Pangalan sabi niya sa Jeremiah 3:33 “Call to Me, and I will Answer you; I will Tell you Great things beyond the reach of your Knowledge.” dahil ako hindi lang ako writer, Messenger din ako ng Lord.. Share ko lang dito ha.. 😘😇📕☝💻📲 I love this site.. Sister or My Friend, Aysa.. ❤ God Bless us all.. (The Good Readers is a (nice) Listener) hehe ツ

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  4. You do sketching? I saw the graphite pencil 7B in your pencil holder. Haha. Meron naman akong narinig na nagsusulat ng lists of blessings sa isang post it note at ididikit sa wall. Hanggang sa dumami yung nakadikit which is good to see when you feel like you are not blessed. 😉

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  5. Your brother is talented.

    I do not know your religious affiliation, but if you are a Catholic, perhaps you can have a copy of the Roman Missal and then read the Mass prayers om Sundays (or everyday). Then, you can be at Mass in spirit. When I was in the Philippines, I used to have a book by St. Paul publications that was a daily meditation focusing on the daily Mass readings. Perhaps, they are available online?

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  6. I was pretty down a couple of years ago. I started writing my blog to counteract that. I chose one perfect moment every day. Sometimes they were obvious and other times, I really had to think. I sometimes had to pick things that a few months earlier, I wouldn’t have considered perfect. However, when focusing on something good and imbuing something even mundane with perfection, it really helped me focus on the positives of the day. I started looking at things for the positive rather than the negative.
    Things that used to bother me were so much better when I sought the perfection in things.
    In the end, I became much happier.

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  7. I like your happiness jar idea. Sometimes we look for very grand things before permitting ourselves to be happy. However if we cultivate the habit of being thankful for the small. We can be thankful too for the big. I should probably get a real time happiness jar and perhaps create an online happiness jar too. Thank you.


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