Life Lately

Ah, I finally had a quiet time and was able to write. I had to stay up late today to be able to get the ‘quiet time’ as I’ve mentioned in my earlier post that our house is not a home without the noise. And oh, I missed quietude.

My short vacation here in the Philippines will very soon be over and I am happy to say that this trip may be a bit short but it is somehow sweet.

New Year Celebration with the Family – a First after 10 Years

After a decade, I was able to celebrate the New Year with my family. There’s nothing really special except that I am here with them – my family plus my loving husband.

I was so excited about setting up the BBQ and grilling the hotdogs, and adding up marshmallows on the sticks. Β I was also excited about the fireworks even though I knew there was a warning on selling (and not selling), buying and using them. There wasn’t much, but still I enjoyed whatever was up in the sky during the New Year’s Eve.

I felt a bit weird though. My siblings are all grown up. They weren’t as excited as I was about the New Year’s Eve. They didn’t even care to wait for the clock to strike twelve. I felt that it was just a regular night for them. One was sleeping, one was watching a movie and the other one was playing an online game. It was only me, my parents and my husband who went fireworks sightseeing.

A decade is such a long period. Of course, people change. I guess,Β I just expected so much. And maybe I haven’t moved on from the last New Year that I’ve spent here – 10 years ago.


Lifestyle Change

As I was pre-packing my luggage, I realized that I haven’t bought material things for myself except for the three short pants that I would need for my daily use, 4 Tagalog books, a lipstick and well, my 3 month supply of personal stuff that I will take with me to the Maldives.

I haveΒ gone to the mall several times but I didn’t fancy buying anything. I went to this shoe store called Payless as per the advise of one blogger when I wrote about the challenge that I continuously face when buying shoes due to my feet size.

I was happy to see Size 11s but I didn’t buy anything. I didn’t feel the need. The shoes were nice but I just looked at them.

This was a very weird occurrence as I couldn’t resist nice shoes (whenever my size is available), fancy wallets and cute bags. But I have bought nothing this time.

I was actually surprised with myself but I am happy.

As I have said, people change. Some for the better, some for the weird worse.


Aysa and the Pins

16 responses to “Life Lately”

  1. Wow. 10 years, sobrang tagal. I don’t know but as I grew older parang unti-unti na ring nawawala ang pakiramdam na special ang holidays. Haist. I miss being a kid na super excited kapag Christmas at New Year.

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  2. Kulang kami this December sa pamilya kaya nakakapanibago. 😐 Usually, ako yung wala sa amin. Haha! Christmas and New Year’s eve ko, nagluto ako. 🍳🍲 Haha! First time ko paglutuan ang pamilya ko. Natuto na ako sa kumbento. Haha! Nagkulong ako sa bahay nung putukan na kasi na-allergy ako sa usok. 😷 Hahaha! Then two hours na tulog, punta sa NAIA 3 para lumipad dito sa Mindanao. Oha! Yan ang bakasyon ko. πŸ˜‚

    Btw, pamilyar yung bowling alley ah. πŸ‘

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  3. hmmm, nalungkot ako sa mga linyang ito, “As I have said, people change. Some for the better, some for the (weird) worse.”, pwera sa naka parenthesis

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