Yesterday Once More

I was walking along the high way of my beloved hometown yesterday when I noticed the grayish-orange clouds scattered along the blue sky.

It was beautiful.

I never expected I’d see something like this here. Nature’s beauty, I mean.

Apart from the beautiful Wawa Dam and the mountain ranges that climbers have been discovering lately, I never saw anything spectacular here.

I have always seen this place as a little gray town. Once the sun has set, the green mountains and the colorful houses and just everything turns into different shades of gray.

But there I was yesterday, admiring the beauty of my old little hometown. Yes, it is really gray but it is not a lonely place as the color portrays. It is actually bustling  with life.

Actually, I’ve never seen the golden hour of this place till yesterday. Maybe because when I was young, I would always go home from school or from the market after the sun has set. Or maybe, during those times, I was never interested about nature and its beauty as I was so busy minding my own little business.

I was so boxed in my own little world of so called hardships and miseries that I forgot to look up to the sky and see that the world is quite bigger than I thought.

And I am so glad that yesterday, I happened to look up and see the sky, its beauty, and everything else that this world has to offer.

6 responses to “Yesterday Once More”

  1. I like this, very appropriate thoughts for my new year hangover! Always important to look up, away from the little things that seem so big 🙂 Happy new year!

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    1. thanks! A Happy New Year too!

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  2. When I was young, I listen to the radio looking for my favorite song…

    Every “Shalalala, shalalala in the morning. Whoahowow! Shalalalala, shalala in the sunshine.”

    Ba’t parang mali ang lyrics ko. 😂

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    1. Hahahahaha mali nga ata Bro 😂😂😂

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  3. We are mostly passers by na lang when we grow up and get busy with our lives. But when we pause and start to look intently at things around us, we see beauty even sa maliliit na bagay. Ang buhay talaga noh!

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    1. or maybe hindi ko lang naapreciate ang mga bagay-bagay noon at mas napapansin ko na siya ngayon dahil iba na outlook ko sa buhay hehe


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