Dear Wisdom Tooth, Am I Still Not Wise Enough?

As per Wiki, wisdom teeth generally erupts between the ages 17 to 25.

Duh? I’m already 31!

That being said, maybe at 31, I am still not wise enough as a  25 year old should be. Is that why a wisdom tooth is still springing out of my ancient gums? Duh?

After one long month, I was able to take a day off. And guess what? A volcano of a wisdom tooth erupted and I was just lying on the bed the whole day trying to sleep (well, after going for a snorkeling trip as swimming has got nothing to do with my tooth), thinking I won’t feel the pain after dozing off but, guess what? I wasn’t able to sleep because another volcano started rumbling, my stomach that was, because I wasn’t able to eat my lunch properly.

So I waited for the canteen to open for dinner and there I was, eating two bowls of rice drowned into soup for two freaking hours because first, I can’t eat quickly and second, I need to eat more for I know that my hunger will strike again just before midnight and there are no convenience stores here where I could run to in the middle of the night for a cup of steaming hot noodles which makes me drool right now just thinking about it – the cup noodles I mean.

And so now, after dinner, my colleagues are downing shots and shots of tequila, or something else maybe, and here I am on my bed, ranting about my wisdom tooth which will hopefully give me some more wisdom in the days to come.

Anyway, these are the times when I really miss my mom so much. For moms are always there for every ache that we suffer from. And whether they do something or not, just the thought of being close to them somehow gives us comfort.

And looking at myself now, thinking about my mom for such a trivial thing, then maybe, the tooth fairy will still give me a lot more of wisdom, be it tooth or something else.

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23 responses to “Dear Wisdom Tooth, Am I Still Not Wise Enough?”

  1. Me kaibigan akong dentista, I told her, not all of my wisdom teeth are out. Sabi nya, pag 28 ka na at di pa lumabas ang wisdom tooth, di na raw lalabas. Well, I may only have 3 wisdom teeth out, extracted one of them but I am still not wise!

    the extracted wisdom tooth wrecked havoc and gave me pains for years before I finally decide to get it removed. It’s a curse, really! LOL!

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