Several friends of mine worked for the same company for several years and left the company in the same position as when they joined in.

They would complain that they left the company because nothing happened to them. They never got any promotion.

They blame it on the company who never considered their growth or to  favoritism or racism.

Recently, one of my friends asked for a promotion. Honestly, she knew the tricks of her trade. She’s been in the field for years and she knew things that even her superior don’t.

She was asked to do more.

She complained to me. Why should I work more than the amount that they are paying me?

Why would they pay you more if you won’t show them more? I asked her back.

She said, they should promote me first, increase my salary and then they can give me loads of work.

And there, my dear friends, lies the root of all evil.

Don’t expect income if you never invested. Don’t expect to win the lottery if you never even bought a ticket.

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