The Girl on the Rocking Chair

Once upon a time, a happy girl lived on the country side where flowers of different colors bloom, where chirping birds can be heard all day long.

She loved to sit on her rocking chair by her veranda where she hosts her lovely friends for tea and biscuits every afternoon.

She served them tea, they shared stories.

One afternoon, she wanted to tell them a story too. But they were very busy talking about themselves that they forgot she was talking.

She felt sad.

She stopped sitting on her rocking chair.

She stopped serving them tea and biscuits every afternoon.

She stopped looking at the colorful flowers and she stopped listening to the chirping birds.

She went inside her room and turned on her laptop.

She discovered how to blog and she lived happily ever after.

30 responses to “The Girl on the Rocking Chair”

  1. may forever sa blogging. hahahaha ganda ng ending! walang bang sequel? 😀

    PS: Congratumalations sa dotcom mo miss aysa. kinilig ako nung nakita ko ‘to kaninang umaga. inulit ko pa ulit yung pag type ng blog name sa address bar. mas maikli na ngayon ang itatype ko ahahah

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