I Thought of You

I sat by the beach one early evening of November when they said the moon will be super.

The moon was indeed so bright. It was yellowish in color that night, not the usual silvery white.

I thought of you.

I thought of the first time you and I met, of how you came to me like the moon in its full glory. How you illuminated my world and turned my dark sorrowful nights into beautiful evenings, how you made me long for the day to end and for the night to last forever.

The tide was so low, that one early evening of November, a sight I have never seen before. I saw all the corals on top of sand where water used to be, oh what a sight to see!

I heard some soft noise, like that of clams crying sorrowful mourns, laments of the dying – a sacrifice for the beautiful show.

I thought of you.

I thought of how you took my breath away, just like how the moon took the water from these sea creatures. How you gave life to my world in an instant, only to leave me and let me die.

The sky grew dark when the clouds covered the super moon.  I wondered why and I wondered for so long.

I saw the water slowly come to a rise. Little by little the sorrowful mourns came to a halt and the sound of the gentle waves filled the night.

The dark clouds, as if blown by soft wind, quietly left. And as soon as they left, the moon showed itself. It was back to its usual color, silvery white.

I thought of you.

I thought of the night you quietly left. And as soon as you left, I was back to my usual life. A life that is like, a dark sorrowful night.


Inspired by the super full moon. I thought all the corals would die that night as the water disappeared and I could walk till 1km away from the beach.

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  1. Ang galing mo naman sumulat. 🙂 Alam mo, sorry. Kala ko na-follow kita by email kasi noon lumalabas sa email ko kapag nag-post ka. Hindi ko alam ang nangyari kaya himdi ko rin alam kung kailan ka nag-post. Dami ko tuloy hindi nabasa.

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