Meeting Travel Writers & Bloggers from Everywhere While Standing Still on an Isolated Island

I know, I know. The title is lame. But never mind.

I never really liked any activity that involves socializing with strangers, well, not physically. As virtually, I believe I am sociable enough.

So I was assigned to do the very thing that, I don’t really hate, but I just don’t like. To entertain and host guests. And not just guests (just so you know, if you still don’t, I work in a hotel), mostly bloggers, writers and press.

They write reviews and articles about our hotel or they shoot travel documentaries. So how do I come in and what exactly is my problem here, if you may ask.

Well, I welcome them upon their arrival, prepare itineraries during their stay, join them for dinner (and sometimes drinks), and dance with them too if needed. Worse of all, take photos with them which, oh my gosh, might end up in one of their social media platforms.

The problem is, I write more than I talk. And I am really scared to death whenever I have to host them for dinner. For I don’t know what to say (that won’t put our hotel’s reputation in ruins) or how to even express myself properly.

During some of the dinners I hosted, there were long awkward silences and I really didn’t know what else to say.

But that was before I found out, before someone told me, that I am too talkative during dinners and I am very good at inventing stories.

I was like, really?

I wasn’t sure if that was a compliment. But I took it as one.

Then I started observing myself. I truly am talkative. I have become talkative. And I see how their face reacts when I tell my stories. I guess, my being a storyteller virtually has been taken to the next level.

I have been hosting several travel bloggers lately. One was a very lovely lady from Sweden, two hilarious UK-based gentlemen, a very elite European lady and his husband, an exiled Prince of one of the countries in Eastern Europe, a Japanese TV crew and a group of Spanish Fashion Bloggers.

It’s just funny that when I was in Dubai, at the center of everything (or as I thought so), when I had all the opportunities to travel and meet so many interesting people, I never had a chance to do so. And while standing still, and not setting foot out of this 67k sqm island, I was able to meet and interact with a lot of interesting people.

They bring stories from their previous travels, I share my island stories. We all learn from each other, each of us taking something home.

There aren’t any awkward silences nowadays, if there are, not for long. For I found the secret to long interesting conversations.

Ask interesting questions.


a small remembrance from the Spanish Fashion Bloggers


49 responses to “Meeting Travel Writers & Bloggers from Everywhere While Standing Still on an Isolated Island”

  1. Or make them talk about themselves: what it’s like where they come from, their career backgrounds, things they like about their work, their favorite this n that, etc… It’s easy for people to talk when the information is coming from within them. Plus, being the center of attention flatters their egos.

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  2. alalahanin mo naman ako Isay pag nasa rurok ka na ng iyong tagumpay, para matagayan ng poging mamang enhinyero ang pagtatagumpay mo bilang blogista (tang ina tunog durugista) at manunulat :-))

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  3. One of the ironies of life, ano?
    I hear you. Ang hirap kaya mag-small talk, kapagod. Pero, minsan, we have to be brave and to compensate for what we are not. Kaya siguro, minsan, hindi naniniwala ang mga tao na mahiyain talaga tayo. ha ha ha

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  4. Kailangan ko to matutunan. Kailangan yung term eh para sa bagong endeavor. Huhu!

    Pero naman, I think di ka mauubusan ng kwento lalo na puro bloggers rin hinohost mo! Makakarelate kayo sa isa’t-isa at makakapag-exchange pa ng blog addresses!

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  5. Ganyan talaga, ung stage simula..kalaunan masasanay ka rin..nung una akong nag p preach, kabado ako talaga kc monologue..katagalan sinesenyasan na ako at nalilibang na akong magsalita kaya minsan nde ko natatapos outline ko haha..

    Enjoy hosting..sought-after skill yan..

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